Sunday, August 19, 2012

Quirky Quilt #4- Maybe the Quirkiest

I bought this  top a few years back at a small Antique Shop in Sister's (not FVV=favorite vintage vendor but another shop).  It looks like the piecer  took every left over block she ever made and decide to get them out of her scrap basket in one fell swoop! 

I think one of the things that makes this quilt so interesting looking is the use of the black fabric. I haven't seen too many other examples of Depression era quilts that use that much black.

And then contrast that with some of the all pastel blocks! There's a great variety of 30's prints.
And then there are all the odd blocks on the sides, 
 lower right side.
 upper right side.
 lower left side.
Where did that block come from!
 upper left side.
All this chaos might put your teeth on edge but I love this kind of free-for-all.  It's a real hoot!

To say that it is not too well constructed would be putting it lightly but you gotta say the gals got a flair.   
I will probably never finish this quilt because of all the structural issues, but I will never tire of looking at it!  Enjoying the free design and wonderful fabrics and wondering what was goin' through the makers mind!
cheers, Claire W.


  1. I think this quilt takes the prize for quirkiness. It is interesting. Wonder if it was just left overs from projects.

  2. Great looking top. I don't remember your getting it but it looks like something you would find!

  3. that is such a fun quilt. love the spirit of it.

  4. I have a few like this! Very cool looking quilt. I think precision work didn't come in...until later. I love looking at them...but...making them is work for me!!!

  5. This top makes me totally happy! I would have loved to have met this lady and spend a day quilting with her, oh, we would have had so much fun!!