Sunday, October 20, 2013

Self-basting Hand quilting Frames; How they work

I like to try and tackle a hand quilting project now and then.  I love the way hand quilted quilts look...just don't have much patience to do it!  One thing that makes the task a little easier is having a "Self Basting Frame to work on".  Here's how it goes together.

The frame consists of  right and left stands, a lower bracer bar (front), 3 rollers with cloth sleeves (back) and 3 sprockets (on the bracer bar)
The stands are built like a movable T with a sliding bar (small bar at bottom) to hold the top of the T at different angles
The right stand has 3 grooves cut to receive the rollers and the left stand has 3 holes where the rollers are inserted with the sprockets to hold them in place.
First the bracer goes on.
Then the rollers. Two in back one to pin the top onto and one to pin the back onto. The batting is fed between these poles and all 3 layers are pulled to the front pole and pined together on the front leader.
You can see the sprockets (circles with the teeth) and flippers hold the rollers in place and provide the tension on the bars = "Self basting"
Next comes all the pinning to the frame, but I have no batting so I will save that info for another day. 
cheers, CW


  1. Excellent frame you have there Claire, where did you get it? And you might want to join up with Hand Quilting Celebration and post it there. I did one article of mine on hand quilting.

  2. Oh my if I had any space left I would put a frame up ... but hmm yeah there is no space ... student droms are not made for space intensive hobbies ...
    sprocket is a fun word ...I will try to remember it ... of course I will fail but I can try anyway.
    Oh well I doubt I would find a decent quilt frame here anyway so it's not too bad to not have the space ...

  3. that quilt top looks familiar! Thanks for the lesson concerning the quilting frame.