Monday, December 2, 2013

Old Fashioned Cutting Boards

A couple of comments on the blog hop mentioned how great my "cutting table" was.  I am blessed with a wonderful 'dedicated work/ play space" for my sewing and quilting activities but I confess my garment  cutting table is nothing more than a folding cardboard garment makers cutting board.
Looks like this when stretched out on it's side.  Measures 48" x 68"
folded up it looks like this.  very light weight and easy to store. 
As long as I'm dealing with something light weight I simply stretch it over the bars of my logarm.  Easy to cut and easy on my back.
Before I had a dedicated work area I would simply unfold this board onto my kitchen table.  Even on the floor it can be an advantage because its clean and you can stck pins into it and you won't pin fabric to the floor. (not that I'm implying that your floors aren't clean! lol)
In the states you can find these at places like Joann's and Beverlies for around $15.00.  
Thanks again to everyone who visited on the blog hop!  And thanks to Michelle at the Quilting Gallery for onec again putting on the Blog Hop.
cheers, CW

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  1. I remember having one of those for cutting at my Mom's. Haven't seen them used in ages. And being able to pin fabric in place was great.