Saturday, March 11, 2017

March 2017 PVQA BOM

Exploring the Self Portrait..." Where in the Heck did I leave my Sunglasses?"

Have you ever spent 20 min. looking for your sunglasses when they were right on your head?!

The inspiration for this BOM was a group of caricatures from this book:

My local guild is doing a program based on the work and humor of Jean Ray Laury.  It seemed fitting to pick a project from one of her books.  I thought that I would use one of Jean's face patterns but then my friend Jan sent me a link to funny faces on pinterest and that really got my creative ideas going...  

here's the link:[]=funny%7Ctyped&term_meta[]=quilt%7Ctyped&term_meta[]=faces%7Ctyped

Check it out...thousands of ideas, your imagination will run wild!

I discovered that caricature, no matter how you approach it,  can be a lot of fun!  

Here's a challenge! How would you characterize yourself in a humorous way?  

Here are the instructions I included for my guild:

PVQA MARCH 2017 BOM-  Tribute to Jean Ray Laury- Portrait                               10” unfinished


You may make any kind of portrait you wish.  Self portrait, abstract/ Picasso or use one of Jean’s designs; whatever tickles your fancy.  If you want other ideas the web is a great place to start.  Visit Pinterest “funny quilts”.  I got a lot of ideas for my self- portrait from that page. 

Use any combination of applique and embroidery techniques with cloth that you need to get the effect that you want. (no puff paints please).  For example:  I used a black sharpie marker to draw in the pupils on my portrait.  It was the easiest way to get the look I wanted. (no pun intended!)  For applique I used a glue stick and narrow zigzag to sew everything down and for details I used my embroidery foot and just doodled. Since my background was darker than my face fabric I cut 2 layers of face fabric, glued the 2 layers to each other and then glued it down to the background.  The whole project took me about 2 hours.  It does not have to be complicated!  HAVE FUN!

Sew a ¼ inch Stay Stitch around the edge of your background block to help keep it from 
fraying and keep it square.

Here's some more inspiration: 


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A few more finishes...

Where did the time go?  I've been scrambling to finish a few quilts for my local guild show.  Last weekend in Feb we had our show.  It was a good show but the weather definitely effected the gate numbers.

There were lots of great quilts, vendors, and programs.  Our featured speaker was Roderick Kircofe the author of Maverick quilts.  He's a fun speaker and it was interesting to hear how he developed his collection of Mid last century Quirky Quilts!

Here's one of my entries,  this quilt was still in pieces when I left for India.  Fortunately the construction was pretty simple.
And since this is Such a scrap-o-licious project I'm linking up with Scraptasti Tuesday: link is to the right!
I used my Scrappy techniques to construct blocks that accommodated the paper template.
Once the first triangle was cut from the block the right triangles could be rotated arount and sewn to make another equilateral triangle.
I was surprised at how easy these triangles were to piece together.  
Here's the final result.  I was really happy with the color scheme and general mechanics but I backed it with minky and tho' it feels soft and wonderful it did not quilt as well as I would have liked.  Oh well, Ya got to try new things, right?
More on the Fair next.
Cheers, CW

Sunday, February 5, 2017

India a land of many colors!

If you are looking for the Jan.  PVQA BOM  scroll down past India and it should be there.

Well,  I'm back from India and one of my strongest impressions is what a colorful country!

These displays of pigments just knocked me out they were so vivid!  When mixed with coconut oil they are applied for body paint.  They are also used for this crazy festival where everybody goes around throwing paint balls at each other?!
The textiles were wonderful, and varied, beautiful silk Sarees and scarves, great clothes but I did not see much suitable cotton for quilting. 
The houses are painted as brightly as the pigments... 
And the boats... 
The actors... 
The temples...
Even the food! 
Sadly this is as close as I came to seeing a tiger,  but I saw lots of other cool animals like these monkeys... 
And some elephants and lots of birds that I was never quick enough to get pix of.
But mostly what I came away with is a sense of how small the world is,  how common our experience.  As human beings we are very much more similar than different.
Reassuring when you consider the political environment?!
Happy Sunday!
cheers, CW