Monday, August 13, 2018

Three quilts done!

I was motivated to get out some tops this week and get them quilted because we are leaving for our cabin and I wanted some new quilts to decorate the beds with!  Mind you two of these tops had been sitting around FOR YEARS!  Amazing what a little external motivation can do for my productivity!

 These first two quilts are part of a series of scrappy flannel quilts.  I keep going back to my flannel scraps thinking this will be the last one. 
I love this west coast map fabric.  Who'd of thought to make flannel map fabric?! 
I quilted the flannel tops with 1.5" parallel lines but I think I will go back and quilt more lines on the diagonal to make "hanging diamonds".  Here I lay some threads down to give an idea of what it would look like. 
This quilt is more straight forward.  Randy (Barrister's Block/ gave me a lot of these scraps.  
The fishing theme is very apropos' since our cabin is on Hood Canal, Wash.   
This last quilt I made while at Sunriver visiting with Randy the week of the Sister's Outdoor Quilt show.  I made it for my granddaughter who really likes Disney's minion characters.  I thought it would be fun to make her a special quilt to have at the cabin!
I think this panel is pretty cute and funny! 
If you have someone special in your life that likes Frozen or Minions Characters check out They have a whole bunch of Novelty fabrics at 20% off right now!
Well that's all for now!
Have a great week!
cheers, CW

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Indiana State Fair- Quilt exhibits

We are out here visiting are son and his family who live in Avon Indiana.  And by chance our visit coincides with the State Fair in Indianapolis!  I have lived in California most of my 64 years and I have never been to the State Fair so I was really excited to go today.
It was fabulous and of courses the biggest treat of all (besides getting to hang out with my g-kids watching them have fun) was going to the Arts Building to see the quilts! 
Best of Show!  Amazing!!!

This one looked like an original design. 
There were a lot of examples of really fancy Longarm quilting. 
I liked this one a lot! 
Great red and white sampler!
The quilting on this one was fabulous.  I think that's what the ribbon was for?!  Sadly the signage was very poor.
I liked this use of neck ties!  Check the lower right, it reads "Stan the Man"! 
There was a lot of nice applique too.
There were about 40 some quilts hanging around the Arts Building balcony but many more in these cases.  It's to bad they could not all be fully displayed but the quilts have a lot of competition for space in the Arts Building.  Painting, Photography, Garments, Crochet, lace work and every possible needle craft was represented!
I thought this one was really interesting.  This gal weaves and sews together the long woven strands of straw to make her own sun hats.  Best of Show in a category all her own!
Today was a super adventure!
I hope you are having great summer adventures too!
cheers, CW

Saturday, July 7, 2018

A few charitable finishes

Well,  it's taken quite awhile to get my daily rhythm back since vacation but I have been sewing!  I was feeling rather guilty that I had fallen behind in my charitable sewing so I pulled out the box with all the "in progress" things and selected a few tops that just needed borders. 
This first one I found all the plaid patches pre-cut in the guild flea market.  That was a no brainer!  And it will make a nice lap quilt for the Vet's project. 
This second one was started with these end pieces from a Jelly roll, also a flea market find. .  It was fun sorting them out light from dark and then trying to match them up so's to make a certain length with all the strips.
My stash of shades of gray is growing. (no wink to the Movie)
But I can remember a time, maybe 15 years ago when I was in a swap where we all decided to use gray fabs for the back ground of the blocks and most of us did not have a single gray fab in our stashes!  How the pendulum swings?!  
Happy Saturday!
Cheers, CW