Monday, October 15, 2018

Pacific International Quilt Festival 2018

 I managed to attend PIQF last week.  What a Show!  I always like to start in the far corner from the entrance where it's not so crowded.  That is generally where the International Quilts are displayed.  Here's a little sample.

Quite a variety of themes, techniques and craftsmanship!
There were quite a number of environmental / nature themed quilts.  I counted at least 5 Bee themed quilts (as a bee keeper I keep an eye out for such things) ther were also several Monarch Butterfly themed quilts.  It's nice to see so much awareness of such topics!
There must have been at least 700 quilts on display, not including the vendors displays!  I'll post more later in a couple of days.
Have a great week!
Cheers, CW

Monday, October 8, 2018

A very Sewing weekend!

My husband was out of town this weekend.  Love the man; but, boy do I get a lot of sewing done when he is not around!
This quilt has been waiting, pinned to the frame for 2 weeks and then on Sat. I got the whole thing quilted without a single interruption.  And Sun I finished binding it!   The center of the top was a guild Flea Market find.  It came with extra fabric which, along with the solid blue I used to make the borders.
Hard to believe some one got that whole center done and then gave it away?!  Well it will make a wonderful donation quilt with very little effort on my part!
These pin wheel blocks were so much fun to quilt!  
All I had to do was trail around the designs, which is really easy with a long arm. 
It is so interesting how one piece of fabric can create so many patterns with the stack and wack method.

I used a wonderful plush bed throw for the backing.  The quilt is not as flat but it is so wonderfully squishy and since this quilt is probably going to a kid that seemed the better choice.
Besides finishing this quilt I got 3 other quilts machine bound. They too had been hanging around for quite awhile.  It felt really good to get all those loose ends sew-up!!
I hope you all get some Quality sewing time in this week!
Cheers, CW

Sunday, September 30, 2018

A Student's finish and trying some new skills!

Last weekend I taught another installment of a class I've been calling Quilting 101.  This is a class I've been offering because we have so many new members in our local guild and so few basic skills classes available in our community so I've been trying to help fill that gap.
Each month I offer a class on a different skill.  Last months class was on HST.  Sheri H.  who attended that class also came to this months class and had this wonderful baby quilt to share.  Sheri said the class on HST gave her the confidence to construct the Friendship stars in this quilt!  Brava, Sheri, for trying something new!  And what a cute quilt to gift to your friend!
 Sheri said the mother-to-be's color scheme was very neutral but she found these really cute fabrics to fill that order!  What a lucky baby! 
It's so nice to see students try new things!
Have a great week!
cheers, CW