Saturday, September 16, 2017

Halloween / October Quilt

Many years ago I went to an exhibit at New Pieces quilt shop in Berkeley, CA.  The exhibit featured a quilter (I don't remember her name) who had made a quilt for her own bed for each month in the year.  I don't remember all of her themes but several featured whatever major holiday occurred in that month; like an xmas quilt for December,  a halloween quilt for October etc.

I'm not sure I want to make a different quilt for every month of the year but I thought I might start with one Special Seasonal quilt. I do love Halloween (and Halloween fabric) and the change of seasons that occurs in October, so I thought I'd start by making myself an October quilt.  I have been ruminating on this idea for some time and been collecting themed fabric for the project.  I don't think I'll finish this quilt by October 1st, but, I have started to develop a layout and it's pretty simple so I might finish it by Halloween...
I know what I want for the center and I've worked out the border so I just need to figure out the stuff in between!  LOL!
I probably have enough Halloween fabric for about 10 Halloween quilts!  And I have some really nice Fall Fabric for a backing so when Halloween is over I'll be able to turn it over and use the other side.
Maybe I should just design a Thanksgiving top for the back?  Now there's an idea!
Two for the price of one!
Well we'll see.
Have a great weekend!
cheers, CW

Friday, September 8, 2017

Almost REALLY finished!

I might have posted a pic of this quilt in July when I got the final borders sewn on...but now it's actually quilted!
Because of the formal layout of this top I wanted to quilt it in a symmetrical way.  So I resorted to a little marking... 
I still made the shapes free hand but just marking the mid-line kept me on track. 
I wanted the two halves of the HSTs to be distinct.  The white reads as background and the print as foreground so they each got there own pattern. 
It took a lot more time but I'm pleased with the result!
Happy Weekend!
Cheers, Claire W.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Mid- Week finish. Easy Peasy- a charm pack, a yard of fabric and some fun!

One of my favorite go- to quick quilts is a charm pack arranged in bars and a yard of companion fabric.  It makes a great lap quilt and a nice quilty gift in a Jiffy!
I thought right away when I saw these prints from Moda's "Mixed Bag" collection it would make a great bar quilt like this.  The prints were so much fun. When I finished it,  I wished I'd bought more! 
Happy Weds!
cheers, Claire W.