Saturday, September 19, 2020

Lots of Finishes!

 I've got lots of Finishes to share today.  Some are Real finishes  (Quilted and Bound) and some just 'phase finishes' ( finished tops or quilted and not yet bound ).  

Back in July I was avoiding the purple project and started playing around with some Green orphan blocks.  I got those put together...

Some of those blocks were so old they were hand pieced!

I had so much fun with that project I thought I'd keep going with some Blue and gold orphan blocks and pieced this top and I even got it quilted!
I had been itching to use that pretty canary fabric for ages.  I think using it for the border worked really well!   And I was able to use up a lot of my blue and gold stash in the inner borders.
And then even more for the backing!
I spent to much time putting details into the quilting that really don't show.  Oh well.  Experiment and learn...
This next quilt has kind of an interesting background.   Someone donated a big bag of 9" squares of yarn dyed plaids to the guild flea market and I snatched them right up!   Fabric at $5.00 / lb.  I can afford that!  Included in the bag were some already quilted squares.  The batting between the two squares was cut smaller than the squares by about and inch on each side.  Maybe the quilter intended to sew them together with the raw edges out so they would fray when washed?! 
But they were all a bit wonky so I decided to sew them together and machine applique the striped fabric over the raw seams giving it a more tidy finish.
Here's the back side.
It will make a nice lap quilt for a Hospice patient!
Here are 3 previously posted as tops, Kid's quilts now all finished;  quilted and bound!

Such cute Kid's fabrics!!!

I used this cute flannel for the backings.  It was a flat fold at Beverly's @ $7.00/ yard. 
That's all for now!
I hope you are all safe and sound!
Take Care!  CW

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Still Here, Still Sewing...

 Geez,  I looked at the date of my last post and realized it had been a whole month since my last blog!  Well I may not blog much but I've finished several projects and done a lot of sewing!  Here are some pix...

We are currently at our family cabin on Hood canal.  Space is very limited here so I usually bring a bag of scraps to play with.  Sorting scraps is Good cheap entertainment and since we don't have TV here it makes a great pass-time activity!  I actually brought a whole box of scraps, all bright and kid oriented prints.  This is one of my favorite scrap strategies.  Read more about how to make this fun block

Actually I forgot how long it takes to download a picture from my computer to blogger when using my Hotspot from my phone, so I think those other pix are gonna have to wait, but here's a parting shot with a way to create an ironing space when away from home.
If you are staying where there's a glass cook top use a doubled over towel on the surface.  It works really well!  Perhaps there's something about the glass that reflects back the heat to the cloth that makes the ironing really crisp!  It's also nice that the light in the hood lamp lights-up the work area really well!😀
                                               I hope you are all safe and sound!
                                                            TAKE CARE!  CW

Saturday, August 1, 2020

9,000 masks, 500 gowns and counting...

My local guild has made more than 9,000 masks since March!  I imagine a lot of you have similar stories.  If it's one thing we quilters know how to do it's sew and sewing for a cause gets us sewing!  The masks were distributed to a variety of service organizations around our community;  Senior homes,  Clinics, Health department etc.  But once the Health Department heard we could could sew (and for free) they asked us if we would sew hospital type gowns!  Here's the first batch being delivered.  
These are not for hospital use but for their employees performing other Covid related services that the Heath department is involved in.
I sewed 5 of those burgundy shade gowns.  Unfortunately the fabric was some nasty polyester cr__.  It's not what I'd call "fun" sewing but if it helps I'm willing to pitch in.
So that picture was taken a month or so ago.  The health department liked / needed the gowns so much they asked us to make some more.  Here's my silly DH modeling a gown from the second batch.
As you can see he's not shy!
The gals who are coordinating the project asked if people with sergers could sew 10 gowns as the finished edges are a must with this flimsy material and sergers are the ideal machine for that purpose.
 I have a serger.  Kind of a leftover from my garment sewing days. lol
I never named this machine.  But since I've spent so much time with 'her' lately I might have to!   My old Long arm machine was "Nelly Bell".  A node to the old TV show Sky King.   My new Long Arm came with the name "Lucy" which I like to think of as Lucy MacGillycuddy. 
Maybe, Cleo, that has a nice ring,  it was the name of the basset hound that talked only to the Camera in that old TV show.  I think the show was called The Peoples Choice?!
 That certainly dates me! 
Why do I remember stuff like that and I can't even remember where I left my keys! grrrrrr!
Well I haven't gotten much other sewing done lately....
But I have High hopes for next week!!
Stay safe and healthy,
and take care, cw