Friday, June 26, 2020

Seeing Purple

Progress has been slow on the purple quilt.  That's the grad present for my daughter in-law who loves purple and she just passed her Board exams in Nurse Anesthesia!  So I need to get myself in gear and finish this quilt.
Monochrome quilts are so much fun to make because you don't have to be to concern with what goes with what 'cause it all goes together!
Take this grouping:  There's Japanese motif fabric, several batiks, 1800's fabrics and contemporary swirls,  all within inches of each other and they all play nice together!
It's also kind of a time line of my fabric purchases.  There's a batik there I bought in 1996, the first time I went to the Sister's outdoor quilt show.  And a couple of vintage fabs I bought when I first joined my local Quilt Guild.
Kinda scary I remember that kind of minutia,  especially since these days I can't even remember what I had for Breakfast!  LOL 
I really want to get this done, I hope upon my next post I will have something more together to show.
'til then stay safe and healthy!  CW

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Something New!

It's still in the preliminary stages...
I found a stack of bright charm squares at the Guild Flea Market in Feb. and have been itching to make something out of them. 
I'm working on the idea of using them as a border to surround the more disorganized center that (below) that I started a while ago.
At the time I was just trying to find a way to use all the blocks that used plan white as the alternate patches.  Kind of a disorganized checkerboard.
I like the asymmetry but I think I'm going to have to make it square if it's going to be in the center.
I want to make a new quilt for our new bed.
We  had a Queen size bed for many many years. and bought a Cal. King bed in Feb.   I had been lobbying for this for a long time finally dh conceded we might be more comfortable with more space. Ha!
It will have to be really big to have a decent drape on the sides of the bed.
Maybe 110" square?!
We shall see...
Happy over the Hump day!
( Altho' these days seem to blend one to the next as we shelter so hump day may not be so relevant?!)
Take care!  cw

Sunday, June 7, 2020

A finish and more masks...

First the finish!  This is another blast from the past.  This top had to be at least 10 year old.  It's another one of my Strap Strategies class samples that I chose not to quilt because it was so much easier to cart around as a Top.  But now that I'm not teaching so much any more I'm getting those samples quilted so's I can give them away. 
Sometimes I get kind of attached to certain samples because they illustrate certain techniques or ideas that I have worked out for myself.  Those are a little harder to give away.  But I have lots of examples of this kind of scrappy kid quilt so I will heave a nostalgic sigh and let it go.
46" x 47"
There are so many fun fabrics in this quilt!  A lot of them are from K.P. Kids fabric line.  I remember when that frog fabric came out.  It's got to be late '90s.  I just loved it and the dot fabric too!
I quilted it like the scrappy quilt in my last post.  Easy loopy all over pattern.
And I pieced the backing too!
                                      It's nice to have another long term UFO done and donated!!
But what sew week would not be complete in these crazy times without a request for some masks?!  My daughter -in law emailed me last week and asked if I could make some masks for my grand kids. 

My grand children have been very sheltered from Covid-19 so far.  Being only 6 and 3.5 years of age they pretty much stay home, play in their own yard or go visit their other grand parents who thankfully live close by.  But when school resumes at the end of Summer the 6 year old may have to go to school wearing a mask so my daughter-in law thought it would be a good idea to get her use to wearing a mask.  She also asked if I could make some for various other family members.  So I spent a couple of days making these.
These are serial times when we have to be making mask for our G-kids!!!   I hope a vaccine can be developed soon. 
                                            Stay Healthy and safe!!