Friday, November 10, 2017

Rescue Project

Sometimes in the making of a quilt top a certain kind of mistake becomes compounded compelling the maker to abandon the project altogether.  This top was one such project.  I found this top in the guild flea market and though it definitely had problems I thought with a little patience it could be rescued.

This quilt top had great colors, cute basket blocks, nice layout but the floral panels between the basket panels were so heavily steam a' seamed they were almost as stiff as cardboard. (reverse view)
 And  in the course of cutting and pasting I think the floral design got lost so the visual impact just was not working.
Seemed to me the remedy was pretty simple: the floral panels could be replaced with something more complimentary (and less stiff) and all would be well!
Compare the left to the right of center.  One more panel to replace and a renewed Top done!
And since Our Flea Market charges $4.00 / pound for all fabric the financial risk was a whopping $5.00!  This will make a great charitable quilt in no time!
Happy Weekend!
cheers, CW

Monday, October 30, 2017

Other Halloween stuff

I found these pumpkin theme orphan blocks in the Guild Flea Market.  I think they might have been the leftovers from a BOM from a few years ago.  
I figured they might make some quick Halloween gifts.
I used 3 blocks to make this table runner for my daughter-in-law. She really enjoys decorating for all the seasons.  I almost always send her some kind of squishy package for Halloween
I used this fun Halloween fabric for the backing.
I showed the table runner to my daughter and she said she liked the blocks, tho' she did not want a table runner so I trimmed 2 of them down to potholder size and quick turned them for a Halloween surprise for her. 
I still have two left.  Maybe I will make some potholders for myself?!
I love working with orphan blocks,  It feels a little like cheating,  but hey,  I only have so many hours in the day for serious sewing why not get help where you can?  And these blocks were really so cute!
Happy Halloween!
Cheers, Claire W.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Taking pictures can help with balance of value...

I had to laugh when I looked at this photo.  How did I put both of those darker valued four patches in the upper left and not notice?!
Something so clear in the photo completely escaped me while sewing this top together.
This top was made from a collection of orphan blocks some of which were pretty old.  I guess I was to focused on just getting them all to fit together.
I have a large amount of various shades of chocolate / tan / brown calico orphan blocks.  I guess this was a popular color back in the 70"s?!
Well I'm always looking for more masculine color schemes for my vet quilts so I dredged these out of the brown stash of Orphan blocks and I think it's OK but the upper left corner did give me a moment of pause!  LOL
On to other orphan blocks...a little more contemporaneous.
I think these maple leave blocks (about 12" square) are maybe from the 90's?!
They made a nice quick thank you gift (table runner) for a friend who hosted us recently. 
It's funny how styles change.  Big 12" blocks like these use to be the standard size,  now it seems like blocks are smaller.  Is that a Dear Jane / Farmers Wife influence, I wonder? 
Orphan blocks are a great way to whip up a quick top or gift without going to too much effort and you can smile because squishy gifts are always appreciated and you repurposed something that might otherwise have been thrown away!
May all your orphan blocks find homes!
Happy weekend!
Cheers, CW