Saturday, December 7, 2019

Holiday Gift Ideas aka A detour around my UFO Program

Thanksgiving was Great!  I hope your's was too!  Definitely a Marathon not a Sprint!  But I'm back in the sewing room and I've taken a detour around my UFO Program for the sake of some quick fun sewing for the Holidays!

My daughter said she wanted some new potholders.  So I dragged her into my sewing room to pick out some fabric.  I say 'dragged'  because my sewing room is always kind of a mess and I think she thought it would be a long drawn out process to find some suitable fabric.  Despite the mess I do know where most things can be found and on the third try I found something she liked!  That was the beginning of my temporary abandonment of my UFOs.

I am the go-to person in my family for potholders.  But I haven't made a bunch of potholders for everybody for some time so Naomi's request got me thinking I might as well makes some for everybody!  And since Naomi chose this cute Retro panel I thought  maybe I could save some time;  put the whole panel on the quilt frame and quilt them all together and voila' 20 potholders in a jiffy!
Here they are all quilted and cut out!
Here's a tip,  I don't remember where I first read this but I've been using old towels to fill my potholders for sometime now.  It makes them very sturdy and more heat resistant than using batting.  And it's a good repurposing of old towels that might otherwise go into the rag bag!
They are so cute!
Of course now I have to bind them all (not my favorite part)  But I don't think anyone will complain if I sew them all on the machine!  Tee hee
Here are the first two bound and ready to go.  It took just under 20 min. per potholder to bind these!   
My good friend Randy (Barrister's Block) and I had a sew day yesterday and these came along with me as part of my holiday gift to her!
Once they are  all bound I'll be able to check a whole bunch of people off my list!
More gifty ideas soon!
Happy Holidays!
cheers, CW

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Two really old UFO's Finished!

This Top has been hanging around ready to be quilted for so long I can't even remember which decade it's from!  Well I know the kids fabric in the center was leftovers from a quilt I made for my daughter's Third grade Teacher so that's almost 20 years ago....
I don't know why it took me so long to quilt it?!   I guess there were always other things in front of it?
The border print is a real hoot!  Kind of sophisticated print for a kid quilt but it was a really good match for the center yellows!  And look they are all having a such a good time!
41" x 41"
It's small but I backed it with a wonderful soft flannel.  It will make a good "cuddley"  for some young child!
The other long time UFO is this pillow here with my doll Mary and some of her friends.  I found it all tattered  around the edges at the flea market.  It was Square.   I took off the binding and cut out the bad bits to make a circle and reconstructed the binding.
But then I stalled out becauseI did not have anything to use for stuffing....
So I started scavenging the edge trimmings from plush blankets that I use for backings.
Then I cut them into short strips.
It took a while to accumulate enough of the stuffing to fill the pillow. (like a couple of years)
Mary, and I agreed it was really to fancy for my sewing room so I found a place for it in the living room.

This picture may give the impression that my living room is very formal.  Don't worry, the rest of the room is a mess! lol
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Happy Holiday!
cheers, CW

Monday, November 18, 2019

Another Community quilt

I finish quilting another quilt for the exhibit "We're Still Here" at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History.  It is a great exhibit that highlights the struggles of Senior Citizens in our Community (( read more about it in the first post here.) 
There  more personal art work and faces in this one,   That proved to be more challenging I did not want to mess it up.  I tried to take the approach that less is more.  Here are some examples:
I thought this first one was amazing!

Well I'm not sure I did all the patches justice but I needed to get it Done.   I couldn't ponder each individual square for toooo long.  There are 180 - 6" patches.
It was fun but I'm glad it's Done!!!
Have a great week!
cheers, CW