Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The Emergence of Cotton

 I subscribe to a free website called Delancey Place.  Each weekday they post an excerpt from some  nonfiction book.  The topics range widely from History,  Science,  Financial, Biographical, Art etc.  The excerpt is usually short, a page or two, but I find most of them really interesting and educational.

Today's excerpt is titled the "Emergence of Cotton".  As quilters this is a very important topic!  To think that the East Indian Trading Co. (started in 1600)  began importing Cotton goods from India and that  ultimately changed the way Europeans dressed (and trickled down to us quilter)  is really fascinating.

Today's post can be found under:  The Emergence of Cotton, 11-17-2020

the link to the Website is;  here

enjoy! cw

Friday, November 6, 2020

Back to the Scrap Bag

My DH and I are taking a little "time out" at our family cabin on Hood Canal.  The cabin is small so I tend to pick sewing projects that can be contained.  Out came the scrap bag that I worked from last Summer.  Still lots of fun stuff in there.  This time I chose my favorite scrap strategy;  sewing patches to strips and then sewing those to more strips etc.  You can find a full demo. at this old post.

It's a lot of fun and a real stress free kind of sewing.  It does not require any accurate piecing until the final square-up which suits me in these anxious times! 
These blocks finish at 6".  I will need about 64 framed with 1.5" sashing to make a decent sized bed quilt.
I've got plenty of scraps and lots of time so....Sew on!
I have about 25 finished a lots more about half done.
My day started with this beautiful tranquil view:
I wish everyone Peace!
Take Care,


Saturday, October 31, 2020


 I've been having a really great time visiting with my son's family!  Despite Covid restrictions we've been able to get out and about for walks and to the park.  The weather has been pretty cooperative!

I brought lots of craft projects to do with my Grandchildren.  It's so fun to watch how they approach painting and drawing and other such activities My older granddaughter, Ari (age 6) has even tried a little embroidery.  

J brought a lot of Halloween fabric and my old Singer 301 along in case I had a few spare moments to sew.  The girls play so well together there were times when they entertained themselves and I whipped up a few Holiday placemats!

I brought some Halloween orphan blocks along.  Randy over at Barrister's block gave me these little ghosties. they made cute centers for some of the placemats!

I've had this jelly roll of Moda Halloween fabrics for ages but they were perfect for the borders!  I was going for a Candy Corn look on this one.  I'm not sure the nontraditional color scheme really translated?!

I got a whole set of these pumpkin blocks from the Guild Flea Market.   They made nice centers too.

I made two of each.  Not exactly the same but similar.  The runner I made a couple of years ago but it looks great with all the placemats! 

It's been loads of fun being here but time to get back to the DH.  I'm flying home.  Another adventur in these times of Covid.  I hope you and your's are all Safe and Sound!  Take Care!

                                                                  Happy Halloween!