Saturday, March 28, 2020

Virus Times

Spring continues to burst despite the C-19 virus.   Here are some spring blooms to delight and bring good cheer!
These dainty little flowers are called Spraxis sp.
They grow from a little corm (looks similar to a freesia corm only smaller). 
I planted these many years ago.  It took a while for them to establish in this garden bed but now each year they push up through the blue grass and put on a wonderful display of color. 
It seems there is no end in the variety of shades of pink, red and orange!
When the flowers are fully opened they are about 1.5" across.
They don't make very good cut flowers, they fad quickly.   But as a garden bed flower they will bloom continuously for a month or so. 
I think this blush pink might be my favorite.
We are surrounded by a lot of worry, pain and suffering right now but it's important to stop and take stock, be in the moment, and notice simple things that give us joy.
Stay well, take care, CW

Monday, March 16, 2020

Surreal Times!

Last week while writing on my blog I was thinking of normal things;  grocery shopping, what to quilt next,  what part of the yard to weed next etc. etc.  This week I'm wondering if my flight on Sat. to Indiana will be cancelled because we Californians may be quarantined?!   And I heard on the radio about noon that San Fransisco and 6 other Bay Area counties will be quarantined as of Midnight.  Surreal indeed!

We have kind of hunkered down here.  We still run errands but only the most necessary and our social interactions have become very limited.  Anything involving groups like Bridge club, Quilt guild etc. are all cancelled.

I feel fortunate I still have quilting in my life!  It is a home based activity that I can do rain or shine whenever I want.  It fills many hours with interest, fun and productivity and tho' it can be social it can be solitary as well.  Between the C-virus and the rain I have been doing a lot of sewing and quilting!

Here's the latest:
I got this quilted and bound last week.
Quilted in my usual simple style.

With a nice flannel backing. 
I pieced the batting for this quilt and the next one.  You can just make out the zig zag seams.  It does not take much time for these lap size quilts to piece a batting and it sure saves all those trimmings from being thrown away!
I've got this quilt pinned and prepared for quilting.  Another old UFO from the 'Tops' archives! 
Some comments I've been getting lately have encouraged me to dip into my orphan blocks and leftovers.  The rational:  This is not starting something new, but simply a variation of my UFO program.
I like that logic!
(It feels a little like cheating but it's so much fun!)
A work in progress...
This is a composite of 6 different sets of leftover blocks.  It still needs some work but it's getting there.
I hope you and your's stay healthy and safe!!!!  Peace, CW

Monday, March 9, 2020

What's more fun; Starting an new project or Finishing an old one?

For me starting new projects is way more more fun than finishing.  On the other hand finishing something that's been hanging around for awhile is very satisfying!  My self imposed program of no-more-new-projects-'til- further- notice continues but I've decided to cut myself a little slack now and then.  So my pix today have a few finishes and one "Quick Start".

First from the UFO file:
This UFO represents some serious ancient history.  I could not remember when I finished this top.   I went back in my photo archives to find a date 'cuz I generally take a picture when I finish a top but I could not find a picture which means it was  probably finished before 2013.  That's when my old computer was stolen.  Before that my records are kinda sketchy.  Anyway the top was probably 10yrs. old give or take a year.
I know it looks like a pretty basic quilt.  Why wait so long to finish?   I found in my teaching that it was a lot easier to transport tops as class examples than finished quilts.  I could cart around a lot of samples that way.  This one was suppose to illustrate a type of strip piecing.  I'm not doing much traveling these days so I'm trying to finish some of the old class samples and give them away.
Flannel front and back makes for a very snuggley kid quilt!
Next up is this T shirt quilt I finished for my daughter.
Pretty wild I know but that's kinda how T-shirt quilts are right?  It's the nostalgia we're going for here not the art work....
"Inner Vision is the Physician, art is the Prescription." 
It's hard to read but in the green iris of the eye it says, "Art Heals".
I tried wearing this T-shirt but there was too much paint on the front,  it felt like I was wearing a billboard.  But I do like the graphix and the sentiment and my daughter liked it to so we included it in the quilt.
I generally back my T-shirt quilts with a plush Throw.  This one felt particularly soft and wonderful!  Saves on batting too!
It's fun to quilt these on the long arm you can wonder around and create all kinds of drawings.  Even the mountains of Antartica  and an ice field for penguins to play in.
Last up is the "quick start" that I eluded to earlier.  This started as a backing for a quilt that I was preparing to quilt.  But then I found a nice flannel for that project so this backing became a quilt top.  I used up almost all the leftovers to make this top that were left from the large quilt in my previous post! 
It's funny how some fabrics keep coming back to delight (or haunt) you.  
Maybe I will get this one quilted sooner than later.  Ha!
Have a great week!
Peace, CW