Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Top Finished!

  In 2014 we remodeled and winterized our little cabin in Washington state.  Prior to that the cabin was just for summer use and it would get pretty musty over the winter so I never left quilts there during the winter for fear they too would get smelly.  But after the remodel I figured it was time to make some quilts for the cabin because we'd be going there more often and with insulation we could even go in the winter!
I have accumulated a lot of flannel scraps and I thought what better way to use them than to make a                                                                      Log Cabin quilt!
OK, the blocks are a little wonky but I just took the strips as they came and I had a lot more darks than lights so I added extra darks where I needed them in order to make the right size for the blocks, a'la Amish style.

 I sewed and I sewed and I made 64- 9" blocks in a short period of time.  I thought that would be big enough for our queen size bed at the cabin.  But when I got it on the design wall I realized it was just not big enough! Grrrrr!
But the problem with making a big quilt is if you want to increase the size by one or two rows;  that's a lot of Blocks!!  36 to be exact!  That is more than half-again as many as I had already made.  And that is where the project stalled out.  I've worked on it intermittently since 2015 but then this Winter I really Felt the need for a proper quilt for our cabin bed and that got me sewing again.

Last week I finished all the blocks.  As I started to lay them out I wonder about which way to do it.  Light sides on the edge...
Or dark sides?
I decided on the dark side (no Star Wars innuendo intended).
It just "looks" better.
Now the quilt is about 90" square.  A decent size for a queen size bed!
Here is the final iteration!
Yeah!  Another scrappy adventure draws to a scrappy happy conclusion!
Have a great week!
Claire W.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thank You for the Thank You Blocks!

Thank you one and all who made these fabulous Churn Dash blocks for me!  They are going to be so much fun to sew together.  I just quickly put them on my design wall so you could see what a great effect they have when put side by side! There are so many fun prints mixed in here and so many great color combos.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

And for those of you in blog land who are wondering what all this is about....One of the best parts about being the Block of the Month person (and various other Board positions) for my local guild is that at the end of our biz year we give out Thank You blocks to all concerned!  This year I asked for churn dash blocks with the Dash in solid fab and the background to be printed.

This is a nod to the first BOM I made for PVQA in June 2015 where I proposed a sailboat block with solid fab boats and print backgrounds.  Read about that here.  That led to a conversation with Lynn over at http://kleinmeisjequilts.blogspot.com/ about any block with a solid in the foreground and a print in the background and how that is generally a very cool effect!  And Lynn has made a whole series of quilts with that idea in mind.  I thought I would revisit that idea in my request for Thank You Blocks.  I'm very happy I did.  I think with a little juggling of colors and maybe a few more rows these blocks will make a really fun quilt!
After chores this will be a sew day for me! Yipee!
Thanks again to all my fellow guild members who made these great block!
Happy Thurs!
Claire W.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Two for the road...

I have been trying to focus on getting some of these charitable tops finished so I can send them on. I've decided not to whine about bindings anymore, just put on a good movie and get them done!

This first quilt, I'm not even sure I ever posted pix of the top. It's was a little experiment involving a handful of Cotton and Steel fat quarters. I was trying to come up with a method of putting to fat quarters face to face, sewing them and cutting them to create a different grid pattern. Thus the odd shaped rectangles in the middle.  I'm not sure it was worth the effort but it's different?!
It's fun to quilt these little quilts.  I just kind of doodle around each section with a different doodle.  No stress, just play! 
 The backing is this wonderfully soft flannel plaid.  Of course it was not quite wide enough thus the extra strips in the middle.  And I bound it with a dark blue flannel that is so soft it is a delight to touch!
I posted pix of this second quilt in April when I finished the top but now it's really finished! 
Two months turn around from top to finished is pretty good for me!                    
Once again I kept the quilting really simple; wavey parallel lines through all the patches from top to bottom except for the 'focal point'.
I backed this quilt with an indigo ikat fab I've probably had for 20 years.  It makes a nice calm counter point for the bright front.
These quilts will be going to the Wheel Chair Bound Vets program (lap quilts 36" x 48").  I generally like to give them quilts in batches of 3 so I have one more to finish before they hit the road.  As I said in my last post I am very behind in my goals on my charitable donations so I'm really focusing on getting that 3rd one done this week!
We shall see...
Have a great week!
cheers, Claire W.