Friday, July 13, 2012

More Scrapy Ideas & leftovers

This quilt was inspired by a small picture of a 30's quilt top in Gwen Marston's Book about strip piecing.  It is my favorite book in her 'Liberated' series.  If you haven't seen it check it out.  It's full of great designs and has a bunch of pictures of really scrappy vintage quilts and tops.  A feast for the eyes and lots of wonderful scrappy ideas.

Being as how this quilt is 104" x 104" I used up all my 30's scraps and then scrounged and begged scraps from many sources to give it the scrappy look that I wanted.  Of course that meant more leftovers too which have started to organize into a square grid.

And recently I took all the trimmings from the corners of the big quilt and made this little baby quilt.  I also used up a whole bunch of muslin strips (both bleached and unbleached).  I used the strips which ever way they came out of the basket so sometimes the scale is a bit off, but I kinda like that.

I love the teensy triangle half squares.  You have to squint and come in for a closer look but that's half the fun! Cheers, Claire W.


  1. these are fabulous! I LOVE that Liberated Strings book by Gwen too. I instantly recognized the quilt. love it! do you ever mix your genres? Amish + 30's for example???

  2. Awesome Claire! love each of the quilts but think the first is my favorite.