Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Indigo Nostalgia

Many years ago (maybe 20?) my friend Randy (Barristers Block) and I went to Houston for that big Quilt Fest (you know the one) and amongst the many (MANY) purchases I made were these beautiful indigo fabrics made in South Africa.

I bought a roll of fat eighths, a bundle of fat quarters and a few bigger pieces.   
I know they are from South Africa because on the back side of each is this...
Kind of an interesting way of marking fabric rather than printing it on the selvage?!
You can see that the cloth is actually dyed with indigo and then printed with white.  So simple yet the prints have so much variation.  It makes buying a whole bunch of them very seductive!

I did buy them with the intention of making a blue and white quilt. What could be more simple, right?
I had a picture of a quilt in mind and I did start it soon after I got home...
This is as far as I got. This is one quarter of the design.  I need to make 4 quadrants like this to make it a bed size quilt.  What stopped me was the tedium of all those HSTs!
I have quite a ways to go.,,,
I'm trying to work up the enthusiasm to jump start my sewing mojo!
Happy Nov.30!
Geez,  how time is whizzing by!
take care, cw

Monday, November 7, 2022

Back at the Cabin!

 After all the hubbub of the wedding a little RnR was in order so we took a little trip to the our family Cabin.  It has been a quiet week.  A fair bit of rain kept us indoors more than usual which meant more sewing time for me 😄  I managed to finish this top and sew enough blocks for a second one like the first!

About 3 years ago I found this huge stack of pre-cut 8.5" yarn died squares at the guild flea market. I bought the whole stack knowing that they would be excellent for Vet quilts and similar type projects. 
Here's a sample of those squares.
Here's a post of another quilt I made with those yarn dyed squares.

Besides having more time to sew I also had time to catch up on my blog reading.  It is so much fun to see all the things people have been working on.  I particularly enjoyed seeing all the Monthly Minis at The Constant Quilter blog (Wendy Reed)!   I don't often comment but I do really enjoy looking and reading about what people are doing!

I did mention the Cabin....
I took this pic from the Photo Booth on my lap top so everything is switch from right to left.  But you can see the misty day we are having.  Time to light the fire and have a cup of tea!
Happy November!
take care, cw

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Pumpkins and Spooks and Ghosts Oh my!

'Haven't had much time for sewing lately.  My daughter got married last Thursday in our garden and I've been spending most of my time trying to make a Fall garden look good even tho' everything is brown after a long dry Summer.  But the wedding was beautiful and our daughter married a really great guy and we are all really happy with how everything turned out!

Here and there I got in a little stitching.  My daughter-in-law says  the only thing to tell everybody apart in the O.R. is their personalized caps so I always try and make her a new one in each season!  Of course I have more Halloween fabric than should be allowed but it's fun searching for just the right fabric for caps for her!

I make the caps reversible for a little more fun! 
I don't have any pix of the wedding.  I put my phone and camera away for the event so I could focus on the experience.   
I do have some pix of the Chuppah (Jewish wedding canopy) which I decorated before the event started.
The color scheme was simple.  Greens with white.  Actually she wanted more green than white which made it even easier and more economical!
I used a big piece of quilter's backing muslin for the top.  It measured 75" x 98".
I also made her bouquet.
It was a beautiful day!
I hope your Fall is going well!
Take care, cw