Monday, January 24, 2022

Bound and Ready to go!

I don't think I've posted any pix of this quilt.  Just another scrap projects from Flea Market finds.  Lots of strips the same lengths but slightly different widths suggested Chinese coins right away.  I got it pieced really quickly but it sat on the quilt frame for awhile.  With the clock ticking on my unfinished projects for the Quilt Show  (deadline end of Feb.)  I needed to get my act together and clear space on the quilt frame!  Nothing like a little external motivation...
I've said it before but I'm such a sucker for those cute juvenile prints!  Look at those cheerful mermaids!
I have posted pix of these other two quilts.  I got them all quilted and then ...there they sat for several months.   finishing the quilt above motivated me to get them bound and out of the house!
This one is twin size.
This one is crib size.
I'm pleased with my progress.  I actually got them all finish over the weekend 3 days before the drop date!
And Now I have a whole month to concentrate on my Quilt Show projects!
A Parting shot...
We've been having great sunrises lately.  The sky was actually much more pink but my camera did not register that, but still it has the feel of the sweet early morning air?!
Have a great week!
take care, cw

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Rainy days in the Northwest provide lots of sew time!

 We made a quick trip up to our cabin on Hood Canal in Washington this week.  It is so much fun to see the Olympics in all their snowy glory!   Sunday when we arrived it was a beautiful sunny day and everything covered in snow.  It was so pretty!  But on Monday PM it started to rain and continued through Thurs. AM!  Which gave me plenty of time to get out my sewing machine!

I did not want to take my Quilt Show projects with me for fear of leaving something behind so I just brought a few small projects (oh so many choices amongst many of my UFOs!)   

First up is a project I started maybe 5 or 6 years ago.  I had bought a fat quarter bundle of this very flashy fabric line by Jan Mullen for Marcus Brothers and thought I would use Sujata Shah's approach to the "Cross roads" p.59 block pattern (see her book "Cultural Fusion Quilts").  After I made about 20 blocks it was kind of turning out very busy, even for me!  I lost interest and into the Freezer it went.  But I dug it out on this occasion thinking another 20 blocks or so and it will make a decent sized quilt for a Camp Erin quilt ( and it will be done!)

See what I mean about the busyness?!
I'm liking it better now that it's almost done and hopefully some young person will just love the bright busyness of it all!
Next 2  tops were inspired by some flannel 'left overs' that I purchased from the guild Flea market.  I use the term 'Left overs' because they were bundled together and they were clearly fabrics chosen to go-together and cut in certain sizes er-go;  leftovers from someone else's project. I think of them as Pre-cuts at flea market prices!  It's a win-win!
It was not a huge amount of fabric but just enough for a kid quilt:
I think a border on the top and bottom will finish it off.  These projects are fast and fun and make great donation quilts!
This one was also some left over squares.  It's only 24"square so I need to find some fabric for the border.
I just love these juvenile prints, they are so sweet.
Alas, it was as I said a 'quick trip" so yesterday we traveled back home.  Here's a view of those Snowy Olympics I was talking about.
Not so much snow as there had been Sunday. But after 3 days of rain you can still see there outline.  I'm guesstimating here, but I think our cabin is some where in the vicinity below the lower tip of the plane wing if you could follow it down to the peninsula side of the Hood Canal?!
Have a great week!
take care, cw

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Back to my old ways

 Well the Blog 'o day Challenge was truly a Challenge for me but I feel like I gave a respectable turn out?!

But now I'm back to my old 'o the Week!  LOL!   But I actually have been chiseling  away at  two projects that I need to finish for my Guild's Quilt Show.   I had a major break through on this project.  I was really not loving the beach scene fabric (see the start here) but then I realized I could cut out the figures and glue them onto the "sand" where ever I wanted and then the compositions really became more animated!  Now all I need to do is figure out the proportions of the Ocean, Sky and Mountains and I'll be on my way!

Have a great week!
Take Care, cw