Trunk Show 
Like my website I call my Trunk Show  “Confessions of an Eclectic Quilter”.  Over the past 25 years or so I have experimented with just about ever style and technique in the quilt world.  My experimenting has lead to a wide variety of sometimes naive, sometimes even ugly, occasionally beautiful quilts but always instructive.  I try to bring light to my process while showing a sampling of these quilts
Quirky Old Quilt
I have been collecting vintage tops and quilt for about 10 years.  I have a great interest in quilt history and I have organized my collection into a talk focusing on the collection process and interesting quilt history facts I’ve pick up along the way.  I’m partial to the ‘Odd ducks’  in the crowd and so my collection includes some interesting mistakes and unusual quilts and tops.  It’s a fun look at a facinating topic.
Vintage inspired Modern

Over the years I have made a number of modern quilts inspired by vintage quilts, some adapted from my own collection of vintage quilts and others from historical collections.  The presentation includes a slide show and 10-15 quilts of both old and new versions.  I talk about what I look for in vintage quilts that can inspire new and modern interpretations.

This talk focuses on a selection of my quilts where there was some kind of challenge, some internal and some external.  Weather it be a guild challenge, a museum challenge or a personal challenge they all represent some lesson in quilting and sometimes life.
* All presentations are approximately 55 min. and my fee is $400.00