Scrap Strategies - 

 A class for beginners and experienced quilters a like to learn how to organize and use their “real scraps” to make beautiful quilts. If you like to sort fabric, sew without worrying too much about if the corners match and you want to learn how to design your own scrap quilts this is the class for you!  You can see from the samples that the basic technique is the same throughout but the resulting quilts vary considerably based on choices in the fabrics and settings.  This class works for the traditional quilter and the Art quilter alike the technique is simple and the design process is fun, just let go and enjoy the ride!      
                                           Batik Scraps # 3

Purple Green and Blue Scraps

Minimalist Improv

This is a class that explores creating a minimalist design.  Using large-scale shapes arranged on a single background, construct an abstract design with a variety of improv techniques.  I think of these designs as visual Haiku or less is more.  Students are encouraged to design their own layouts but may copy the teacher’s samples.

Which Way?                                                          Minimal #3   

                                               Minimal # 4

   Introduction to Free Formed Curve piecing

Learn to cut and sew curve pieced blocks the free form way.  Several block designs will be demonstrated.  Enough for the start of a Sampler quilt like the one shown.  It's a fast, easy and fun technique that will free you from traditional block construction!

Art Quilts Class

This is a class focusing on design using the art work of printed fabrics to help bring your artful concepts to life.  Weather your ideas are amorphous or fully formed this class is designed to help you compose your ideas and barrow  motifs  from printed cloth to construct wall hangings as original compositions.  You don’t have to know how to draw just bring your ideas and fabrics and I’ll help you figure it out.  Basic design concepts and tricks of construction will be covered.  This is really a two day class but an introduction to all the concepts could be squeezed into one day.

Medusae On My Mind!

All one day workshops are $450.00 but if booked with one of my presentations ($400.00) The charge for both is only $800.00!  Mileage is to be reimburse at the regular IRS rate and housing provided where needed.

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