Saturday, October 6, 2012

Orphan Blocks- More Quick Quilt Ideas

Orphan blocks;  I'm not always interested in my own orphan blocks but often times I can see something redeaming in someone elses orphan blocks.  A couple of weeks ago when I was combing through Randy's scraps and I came upon some orphan blocks they caught my interest.

I told Randy if I took the set I would make them into a quilt for a charitable cause.  That suited her just fine. Here's one of the blocks:
Randy said she thought they were from a Stack 'n Whack class that she took long ago.  They are really very nice blocks maybe just a little monochomatic.
There were only six blocks at 9" finished so I sewed frames around them to make them 13" and then added a second sashing and border in purple.  Nothing fancy but at 36" x 48" it is the right size for the wheelchair bound vets lap quilts project.   Blue, green and purple, always a winning combo!
Sometimes the simple solutions are best ... and turned into a quilt which will be enjoyed by someone in need.
Do you have a set of orphan blocks that you have kinda lost interest / hope in ever making into a top?  Maybe we could organize a block swap of sorts and get those blocks off the shelves and into quilts for charitable donation?!  If you are interested & / or have ideas as to how this might work leave a comment.  cheers, Claire W.


  1. Ohh I just love that purple green combination - it gives the blue satrs in the center a completely different look. The muted colours actually turn quite cheery. (Or maybe that's just the light and the fact that you can't trust colours in pictures)
    If you do charitiy quilts I could get myself to produce some orphan blocks. We don't have a tradition of quilts here so giving quilts isn't something done here and I don't think people would knwo what to do with them.
    We don't really have the same kind of charity system like you do in the US ...
    But not before the middle of November. Even though I would rather do that than sit with my paper.

  2. i really like how the purple looks with the green and blue, would not have thought of it. I guess I need to rethink purple. I have orphan machine applique blocks, still haven't finished the applique.

  3. GREAT job on the orphan blocks. There are plenty more where they come from!!!

  4. Goodness...blocks, I have some quilt tops I would love to pass on. I do not machine quilt, so I know it will be ages before I touch them.

    blessings, jill

  5. This is the quilt I found most enjoyable on your site just love that out side border and I love saving lost blocks.