Monday, July 15, 2013

Sister's Show

I did not check on the exact numbers but there are usually upwards of 10,000 visitors...
And around 1000 quilts hung all over town.  Here's a small sampling...

These two were made by Kathy Doughty, a teacher visiting from Austrailia. 
I've been going to the Sister's show every couple of years since 1997.  It has really evolved and changed over the years.  Back in the day we used to joke that you could tell the California quilters work from the Oregonians 'cause the CA quilts were bright and the pallet of the Oregon quilters   (generally) was much more subdued.  This years show was definitely a nod toward nontraditional quilting.  Even most of the quilts with traditional setting used bright cheerful fabrics.  
cheers, CW


  1. Oh my they are all so beautiful and all so different - and yeah even though they are all beautyful I have some favourites. Ok but I shoudln't spend time on the PC today. Thanks for taking my to the show.

  2. thanks for sharing always love seeing quilts from this show. I always find a few that are really inspiring to me.
    Your lucky to live close enough to visit . Its on my bucket list and I do believe next year will be the year!