Friday, August 30, 2013

Auditioning the Blue and White sampler blocks

I've been trying to figure out how to set those blue and white sampler blocks.  I have another quilt that has the blocks set like this:
but I'm thinking that might make the top to busy?!  Maybe better to set it in plan white like this...
One really good thing about taking pictures of your blocks before sewing them together is seeing things like the four blocks in the middle where the dark blue patches all line up in a diagonal line.  I rearranged those after looking at this picture.
I think those other triangle sets might come in handy for my blue work quilt.
What do you think?  I surely enjoy messing about on my design wall!  
Happy weekend, and Labor Day for those who celebrate it!
cheers, Claire W.


  1. I like the last picture too, lets the blocks stand out. This is a good tip I take pictures all the time of my wip to help decide fabric placement/ color balance and my design wall I could never live without! LOL
    have a wonderful weekend look forward to seeing what you decide onthe setting for this quilt.

  2. Oh my - yeh I guess whenever you look at the blocks, you will find some sort of pattern "random" layouts are so difficult. You will have a concentration of light blocks to the left, all the flowerprints at the top right corner ... etc etc ... then you change them look back and voilà the next "pattern" is there ...

    Hmm don't set it in white ... maybe a lightblue solid? or something creme?egg shell .. whatever you call it ?off white? but yeah I agree - busy blocks + busy background is sensory overlaod

    Teh blue work blooks look good with the "mixed" blue triangle framing .. don't do for a single background with them ...

    Our Labour Day was back in May - but enjoy yours.