Monday, August 4, 2014

Lots of sewing last week! Yipee!!!

I got a lot of sewing done last week!!  Here's are some of the things I worked on...
I made this top while on retreat at Sunriver with Lori and Randy.  I finished quilting this one this past week.  A real Almost finished quilt!!! tee hee
 I started these blocks while at Sunriver.  Most of the fabrics came from a fat 8th's bundle. I thought that since They came as a bundle I would not have to work to hard on the color scheme.  But I wasn't thinking about value so much?!  There is actually a pattern there!!! (Double Irish Chain) But it's pretty hard to see.  Well, it's soft and sweet and it will make a nice charitable quilt....
Randy gave me several bags of scraps and fabric to take to our local Guild to donate to the Flea market.  Which Of Course means I get to glean from said bags.  Randy donates the Best stuff ever!  I found this tree block and 6- 9 patches and a whole bunch of cool forest themed scraps and that was the genesis for this quilt top.  I will be donateing this to a patient at the City of Hope Cancer treatment center.  

I finished this top which was made from the rest of the plaids I used in an earlier project. view here   The bars are a little wonky but these plaids are so loosely wolven I decided not to trim them.
I hope maybe I'll get a few more of these tops quilted this week.
I have several mornings free this week (my best time for sewing).  Do you have a favorite time of day to sew?  
Happy sewing! CW


  1. I love to sew in the morning just seems to work the best for me! I love the plaid strip quilt.
    so nice to go thru others scraps isn't it???? I think the recipient of the tree quilt is going to love it.
    the little 4 patches is a great quilt, love the fabrics…thats what I saw first until read it, its a double irish chain!

  2. Claire, your tops came out great!! Nice job!! I love them all!

  3. Way to go Claire. They are all fun quilts! I'd prefer to sew in the morning, but have time between late afternoon and dinner to get a little quality sewing time in.

  4. You really have been busy! So many pretty quilts. But I do have a soft spot for plaids!