Saturday, September 6, 2014

Another Quirky Quilt

I bought this quilt about 6 years ago from my favorite Antique Vendor at the Sister's show. Their label dated this quilt at about 1920.  I think that would be the youngst this quilt might be.  To me it has a feel of more like 1900 +/-.  It was collected by them in Missouri.
It is an unusual set.  Kind of Baby blocks gone zig-zag?!
There're a wealth of indigos and mourning fabrics.  I think the baby block effect might have been partly muted because I'm pretty sure the background color of the spoted fabric that makes up the tops of the blocks was a fugitive color.  Maybe orange, yellow or green?!
Alot of the piecing is machine top stitched, very practical!
You can see the top of the blocks are crosshatch quilted and the sides are straight line quilted.  All the lines are about an inch or so apart.  Which is one reason why it is in such good shape!

Here you can see the cross hatching on the top of the blocks, you can even see the red dots through the batting!  Another clue that the colors were once much more vivid!
I often show this quilt in my Scrap Strategies class as an example of how there are miriads of ways to build and set scrappy units to make interesting and unusual quilts!
Have a great weekend!
cheers, CW


  1. Claire you always manage to find the most interesting quilts at that antique booth. Whatever will we do without them?? LOVE this quilt~!

  2. What a fun quilt! It's one that gets more interesting the more you look at it.