Wednesday, December 16, 2015

More Trees and Congrates to the winners of my give away!!!

Congrates to Sandy H. and Sheila S. for being the winners of my giveaway!!!  email me where you would like me to send your prizes and I will get them in the mail right away!  

Next Months Give Away will coincide with my next Block of the Month post on Jan. 11th 2016! Yikes! How time flies !!

My small quilt group got together yesterday and we put all our trees together!

                                         Here are some of the shapes they designed!                                                                       

I would not have thought to use that chartreuse but it really helped to set off the other greens!

We had a really fun afternoon setting and sewing these blocks.  With a little sashing the top will be done!  And on to the quilting...How would you quilt a quilt like this?!  It feels like a real challenge to me!  
'hope the Holiday rush is not driving you crazy!
Cheers! Claire W.


  1. I kinda like the wavy lines on the inspiration quilt. Too simple? I'm not good at this, which is one of the reasons I don't do my own quilting...haha.

  2. I won the batiks?? Oh goody! Christmas Quilt, here I come! :-)

    btw Claire, how did you acheive the 3-D effect on that spiral of batiks? Very cool!