Friday, February 5, 2016

PVQA Quilt Fair- Wall Quilt Challenge with a twist!

Another challenge that we run at Fair time is the Small Wall Quilts challenge.
 Buy a packet of fabric and make a wall hanging,
The theme fabric was the one on the left called "Fancy Feathers" this was to coodinate with the orange, dark blue (at right) and the Kaffe Fasset stripe (center) and orange print (below).
But this year there was an added twist.  There were two rounds of construction.  
First round:  The participant was two make 9 - 9" blocks of their choice with the challenge fabrics (you could add a few fabrics if needs be).
Second round:  2 months prior to the Fair there was an anonymous exchange of the block sets..  After the exchange you were free to slice and dice and add some fabric to make the final piece. Other criteria were that the challenge fabrics must continue to play a predominant role and there must be some reference to birds ie." a block design like "bird's in the air" or appliquéd bird/s or a birdy embellishment.
I decided since I already have a huge stack of wall quilts that I have no room to display that I would make a table runner (something I might have use for).
Conveniently my first round blocks were 'Birds in the air'.  I decided to go with it. I flipped them around to get a configuration I liked and that was pretty much all I had to do. I did exchange out a few fabs for color reasons but mostly the blocks stayed entacked.
 I had to add some borders for the min. size requirement.  Tada!
I hear people complain about how they would not choose this or that Fab for a challenge; but, then it would not be much of a challenge would it?!
I don't mind that part of a challenge,  I'm willing to work with colors or fabrics I don't normally work with but what I did find really challengeing was coordinateing with someone else's sense of  design!
I'm not sure that I was very successful but it was a good learning experience.
Have a great weekend!
cheers, Claire W.


  1. This turned out very nice! I like the interplay of the different fabrics and the layout.

  2. I love what you did with these fabrics and what you were given--brava. What did you do for the first round? What a good idea to make a table runner.

  3. Challenges aren't for lazy folks or those unwilling to get out of their little, safe, comfortable box!! I love how your quilt ended up - well done on meeting the challenge :)

  4. I'm like you, willing to work with other colors/fabrics for the sake of the challenge. You really never know where a challenge will take you! This looks like a great tablerunner.:)

  5. Love what you did with those fabrics!! And a table runner is genius!
    Want to come over thursday??

  6. Whoa--that IS a challenge--I find improve hard enough--but to work with some else's pre-made blocks must have been quite a change. I like your table runner...the deep dark colored birds in flight remind me of robins and bluebirds flocking together on their way South (they sure wouldn't stay around here--yet aNOther snowstorm today!!) hugs, Julierose