Sunday, March 13, 2016

PVQA Quilt Fair Pix from the General exhibit, a Little Bit of Everything...

Here's my last installment: Sorry it's taken so long to get these posted, there was a lot to sort through!
mid 1800's Sampler by Sandy Helin
Hand quilted! 

"Puzzling over Color and Value" by Shirin Schumacher 
"For the Love of Vegetables" By Florence Lee 
Scrap Quilt by Billy Street
"Hugs and Kisses in the Garden"  By Betty Rouland Whitman 
"Crimson in Clover"  by Louise Goodenough 
I was not sure if this was positive or negative, 'til I read the card... 

"Sand Dune"  by Nicole Pullman 
"Boulder Creek Weekend"  by Louise andresen 
This beautiful quilt by Vicki Johnson
(sorry I did not get the title)
Our Fair would not be complete without some quilts by Mac! Never a dull moment when studying one of his quilts! 
Mac has taught a whole bunch of classes and inspired a lot of quilters to his style.  I particularly liked this one by Lisa Supporta! 

"Churn Dash or Hole in the Barn Door" by Pele Fleming
                                                          "Yukata"  by Cara Lamb
"Denim Hugs and Kisses"  by Shaunna Moulton
This wonderful coat made by my friend Jan Strutevant 

We always have an exhibit of Young Peoples Quilts put on by 4H.  I thought this one was particularly well done!  The maker is 10 yrs. old!

Well I hope you enjoyed the show, I sure did! I think it was really exceptional this year! 
Between the show's inspiration and the rainy weather I've got a lot of sewing done and some finishes!  but before I can post about those adventures I need to get the BOM for March organized.  I will post those instructions Tues. with a little Giveaway!
Happy Sunday!  
Cheers, Claire W.

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  1. Thanks, Claire! Even though I was there, it's good to see quilts highlighted. And thank you so much for the pictures of my coat! I'm still pretty excited about it, though I wonder when I might wear it because of our temperate climate on CA's central coast...