Tuesday, April 12, 2016

PVQA April BOM- "April Showers" and Give Away!!

Details of the Give Away are at the bottom of the page!
This block was inspired by a quilt pattern designed by Camille Roskelley who has a line of fabric called April Showers. Her quilt is called Raincheck.  Here’s the link to the full quilt pattern: http://thimbleblossoms.bigcartel.com/product/raincheck-pattern-164-paper-pattern
I did not do the appliqué as suggested in the pattern.  When appliqueing a figure like this (fairly large) I prefer the quick turn method.  Here's how that works. 
 Cut out the template on the black line. Stick the template on the wrong side of your umbrella fabric (a dab of glue stick will keep it from moving).  Use a pencil to trace around the template and then remove it.

 Cut out the umbrella shape a scant ¼” outside the traced line.  (Just eyeball it) 
 Place this cutout right side down on a larger rectangle of interfacing or very lightweight cotton and press. The static cling will help it stay put. 
 Using a short machine stitch length sew just outside the traced line all the way around the perimeter of the umbrella shape. Note :Trimming after you sew the figure helps to stablize the shape. 
 Trim / snip seams at points and curves.
 Snip an X in the backing that’s big enough to pull the umbrella fabric right side out. 
 You will need to work the points with your fingers (tweezers / stiletto will help) to get the points nice and pointy.  Work all the edges with your fingers until they are fully turned.  Give it a nice press.

*  I like to use the Quick Turn method because I’m not very adept at traditional applique but I like the look of the smooth turned edge and the extra layer of fabric makes the appliqued motif stand out more.

And Now for the Give Away!
I know some people who do a lot of hand work swear by these Needle Threaders! And here's a sweet little sewing caddy to go with!
Leave me a comment and this helpful gizmo could be yours!!!
Here in Northern California after 4 years of Drought we finally had normal rain fall.  I thought maybe a few April Showers would help things along a bit more!
Have a good week!
Cheers, Claire W.


  1. Such a cute umbrella block! It would be fun picking fabrics for the different umbrellas. I have not tried the quick turn method yet. Your tutorial makes sound very easy. Then you machine stitch it down? Love the little sewing caddy!

  2. I've not seen that needle threader before but will need to look into getting one since my eyesight is getting iffy for threading Between needles. April showers is a really neat block, especially with the mushroom background fabric.

  3. Oh, I like the way you did the umbrella!! I might even be able to do that!! Love the needle threader and the caddy - totally adorable! Thank you for the opportunity to win it!!

  4. The umbrella is cute. I wish we had rain so I could get my umbrella out.

  5. Interesting applique method. I'm just starting my applique journey and enjoy seeing the different ways it can be done. The little caddy sure would help keep supplies organized. Thanks for the chance at your giveaway.

  6. That looks like such an easy and fun umbrella to make. Would love to win the needle threaded. My old eyes need it!! Love your blog. Pam Gonzalez.

  7. I haven't tried this method for applique, but it looks like my cup of tea. I like how it gives you neat points (which otherwise I would really struggle to achieve). Also really like the fabrics you have put together here a lot.

  8. What a cute caddy. Clever keeping the interfacing a larger piece rather than trying to line up edges of both pieces pre-cut like I've done during my limited appliqué experience.

  9. Cute cute block!! But so unlike you to do applique, Claire!!