Monday, June 18, 2012

Quirky Quilt #1

I did not start out that morning heading for the ‘Sister’s’ show thinking I would buy a vintage top that day…but that quirky ‘50’s fabric just called to me as I walked by.  What can I say, I was born in the ‘50’s.
But I think what I like most about the top is the fact that the piecer was really “making  do".  The design is nominally ‘A Trip around The World’. But, I love the way the piecer  appears to have really tried to keep the design as symmetrical as possible with in the confines of her scrap basket.
In the center, there were not enough of any one fabric to go all the way ‘around the world’ but the piecer matched colors and textures so you still see the pattern.  Even the dancing Indian patches were scarce, but they were placed in the 4 corners of the central section to keep up the symmetry!
left side
right side
  Even from side to side and top to bottom It appears an effort was made to keep the scraps symmetrical even if the ‘Trip’  fell apart.

And of course wouldn’t you save a treasured scrap for the middle?  This patch with the little faces is put in that honored spot  and is the only patch of that fabric in the top.
I saw an example of the center fabric in a vintage quilt in a show a couple of years ago dated 1935.  And there's some peachy rayon fabric in it that could have come from my mom's bathrobe from the 1950's.  Clearly a scrap bag accumulated over decades!

Even tho’ the top was machine pieced I decided to hand quilt it. I figured I could practice my hand quilting on a vintage top that was not of great consequence or value but it would lend it some charm.  Of course the quilting took me about 3 years!  I ended up abandoning my hoop  and just lap quilting the top.  Consequently the overall texture and feel of the quilt is very soft and inviting.  Even tho' I have collected many quilts and tops since that fated day in Sister's this remains one of my favorites!  Cheers, CW


  1. This is a sweet little quilt. I like your decision to practice your hand stitching on such a charmer. The general look of many of these fabrics is very familiar. I'm just a tad bit older than you, and they definitely say 1950s.

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