Friday, July 20, 2012

Blue Work

I've been away from my sewing machine for several weeks now.  While preparing for this trip I contemplated various forms of hand work to take a long.  I'm between hand quilting projects right now and did not have time to bast anything, I'm not a very good at applique so that did not appeal but I do like embroidery.  It is very portable if done one block at a time and I thought if I did blue on white I might make it fit in with the blue and white blocks I'm making for Randy's sow-a-long.

I was visiting Randy right before I left and mentioned my idea and she had several Red Work books to loan me.  I enjoyed looking at them and I chose one by Laurene Sinema to start and trace pictures from.
I have really enjoyed the quiet process of turning these little line drawings into pictures of thread and cloth.  They are really charming and I think they will make a good addition to my blue and white quilt.

I think this one is really funny.  A frog with an umbrella and all the rain appears to be coming from under the umbrella

I am way behind on my blocks for Randy's sow-a-long but I tend to do them in fits and spurts anyway so when I get home I am confident I will make up for lost time.  I have about 45 so far.  Not all are from Randy's, Ive been making some blocks of my on choice too.
I know there are only 36 blocks in this pic it's a little out of date.  I was going to make the quilt all 6" blocks to fill 104" square top with 1" sashing but now I'm thinking maybe I'll make a border cutting down on the number of blocks.  It has really been fun working just blue and white the fabrics are so pretty.  cheers, Claire W.


  1. Claire, your blue work is fabulous! I know you've had plenty of time to for on them sadly enough. I'm looking forward to seeing you next week when you come back home for a bit. Love to Jimmy

  2. The bluework is beautiful. And the blocks in blue look great,

  3. I too am making Randy's blocks....they are just great fun!!