Saturday, July 14, 2012

Quirky Quilt #3

Quirky Quilt #1 was the first vintage quilt I bought (In about 1998) at Sister’s but definitely not the last.  I’ve bought lots, but the one I’m showing today I purchased the last time I was able to join in Randy’s quilt retreat in Sun River for the Sister’s show about two year’s ago.

Randy has this down to a fine science.  The strategy is to get to the show as early as possible to beat the heat. Park so we are headed out of town the right way ( ‘cause they block off the main street for 6 or 7 blocks) and then make a Bee line to our favorite VV (vintage vendor).  

So last time we were there;  I spied two ladies holding this quilt.  I tried to hover nonchalantly.  You know the psychology, if you show too much interest they’ll hang onto it. They looked it over and finally put it down at which point I grabbed it. 
These pictures don't really do it justice.  The red fabric is really Red. The panels of red are big, about 15”.  It’s a Humble quilt as Lori would say but it’s also got, Personality!
The back of the quilt is an interesting botanical print and the binding is my favorite energy saver; backing turned to the front.
It is well quilted; ¼” around each of the triangles and in the panels the cross hatching puts the circles of the prints in the squares of the quilting.  Sturdy utility quilting with a little plus.
I knew I wanted to use this quilt as a model for a similar layout with more modern fabrics.  I really liked the idea of using a bold print doing most of the work while still having some piecework to add interest.  The main fabric takes a lot of yardage, which narrowed the choices in my stash.  I finally settled on the black and white print, but even that there was not enough to make 4 rows.   But at 3 x 4 panels it makes a decent twin size. 
I thought the pink and green triangles made a good combo with the black on white print and I backed it with a nice pink and green flannel and kept the corners rounded.
Well today is the show and since I can’t be there, just for fun, I gave Randy some $ to buy me something from our favorite VV.  She graciously accepted the challenge. I know she’ll bring me back something fun and interesting, I trust her, she always finds wonderful quilts there.  

Those gals are really on top of it.  They've already posted some shots of the VV. sigh.  Oh well next year! cheers, Claire W.


  1. You were sorely missed today at the visit to the vendors! I did find a way to spend some of your money! You will hopefully be happy with what we chose.

  2. I like the sashing setting on this quilt. Different and a good way to surround a focus fabric. Or in this case, to surround a variety of the same color fabrics.

  3. I really like that four of the red panels are a different red. And she didn't scatter them about but positioned them in their own corner. Ran out of the red maybe???

    1. I wondered about that too. The two reds are almost a perfect match in color, from a distance it's not real noticeable. I think without design walls it was kinda just a sew and go kinda situation.? thanks for the comment. cheers, cw