Tuesday, September 4, 2012

bloging along ...singing a song

A little up-date on Grandaughter;  She's basted and ready to 'primitive' quilt.
a lot of people made the comment that 'pimitive quiting'  might be just the thing for Grandaughter.
And just so you don't think I'm a one trick pony with this primitive,  scissors and tape measure thing;  I made another top. The genesis of this project was a care package of scraps from my good friend Randy www.baristersblocks.blogspot.com.  There were some large already-cut triangles in the package that immediately caught my interest.  I also did a little Internet shopping and had that mailed to my current location.  I pawed through that and found some go-withs.  This is how I cut the other triangles. Just lay the cut triangles across the stack of fat quarters and carefully sniped around and between the triangles.

You might not know they were 'free' cut if  I didn't tell ya?!
My plan was to make enough THS to make a total of 12 broken dishes blocks 3 x4, finishing at 12".  But when I started to lay them out it was clear I had to many brights competing to make that design work so I flipped the THS around a bit and got this:
 and this:
I went with the second option.  Well I fiddled with it a bit more but I think it came our rather well for a no rotary day!  This one is going in the charitable pile but I'm keeping Grandaughter.

Well the blog hop is officially over!  Thanks to everyone who visited my site!  I got almost 200 comments!  A lot of them had interesting things to say.  I really appreciate all the instructive type comments.  I met lots of interesting people, I tried to check out everybodies blogs. And a special thanks to all who signed-up to follow my blog! 
I was thinking since I had so many visitors I might double the offer and have two winners.  But I wanted to do something nice for my fllowers. So instead, as a special thanks to my followers, old and new who signed up during the blog hop, email me your snail mail address and I will send you a little fabric treat (specify color and style) in the mail.

As to the winner of the 10 fat quarters.  I have to organize or should I say randomize my comments and so I will announce the winner tomorrow as I mentioned on my first blog.
Thanks again everyone, cheers, Claire W.


  1. so how primitive are you going to go? hand quilting? or just ... hmm how do you call it when you just make some knots? - Oh I'm glad you took the white out of the quilt. Ohh your offer is tempting, though can I just get a postcard? international shipping is nightmare-ish ...

  2. WOW Claire! I love what you did what the scraps I sent you. As always, you have a fabulous ability to create designs from nothing. I'm impressed beyond words!!

  3. I am a follower my e-mail is woodsbrbr@windstream.net

  4. I hope you'll show us Granddaughter when she's finished! I want to see your primitive quilting (b/c I'm wondering how primitive you'll go).

    Thanks for your offer to send a little fabric treat to us, your followers. Are you sure you want to do that? It could get expensive!

  5. Thanks for sharing how you work out a layout. The large size and bold colours are very striking. And the orange just pops out.

  6. Love the quilt! It looks great for fall :) Also very generous of you to send something to everyone!