Thursday, December 6, 2012

Done Duh Done Done

So while I was away from home, I managed, with the help of my trusty Featherweight to sew 6 tops!  What with all the chores that greeted us when we got home it took awhile to circle back around to my sewing room to get some of those tops quilted.  I’ve managed to get 4 tops quilted and bound in the last couple of weeks. Of course it helps that I have a Longarm, that shortens the quilting time considerably!
-I really like the way this one turned out.  Pink and green is always a winning color combo.

-I used a couple of ‘old stand-by’ free motion patterns; I call the one in the squares the Amoeba because it can kinda takes the shape it needs to fill, whatever space that is.
- And it all creates a pretty nice pattern on the back.
-This quilt is so simple I wanted the quilting to be a little fancier.
-I made kind of an open square-ish feather wreath.  That worked pretty well but when it came to the same block in the third quilt I tried a simpler version, which I think worked even better.

Some how I managed to Not get an overall picture of this quilt but here's a picture of the top without that border.
- Since I was away from home  these three quilts were made primarily with FQs from a FQ ‘Spring Scrap Bag’ from Keepsake quilter’s bargain bin which I had shipped to my home away from home. The cost was $1.00 / FQ!  ( See that blog here) There were plenty of colors and prints to choose from in this bundle.  It was really fun, efficient and somewhat liberating to limit myself to this small stash of FQs instead of being overwhelmed (as I often am) by my stash at home.  These 3 quilts are all about 53" x 63".  I donated them to City of Hope to be given to cancer patients at the hospital there.

The fourth finished quilt was inspired by orphan blocks from my friend Randy. This quilt will be given to the wheelchair bond veterans quilt project.  It's about 36" x 48".
I'm still working on hand quilting my "Primitive " quilt and I made another top that I think would make a great Mystery project so I'm not going to show it just yet.  cheers, CW


  1. now I want one of those big machines too .. quitling ont he Pfaff feels more like wrestling than like quilting .. ahh well I can keep dreaming.
    I really like that you make so many different kind of quilts - the rose and mint (your pink and green)looks very orderly and traditional. The one with the dotted similar and than the bright grrens and purples and oranges in the just pop out
    ahh well and you already know that I like the bottom one ..
    It's not fair to tell us taht you have a great Mystery going on and then stop there... not even a hint.

  2. You were extremely productive, even without your stash, cutting mat and rotary cutter. That's fabulous. And they are wonderful.

  3. Wow, you have been busy. Looks like a lot of days at the longarm to finish all those. I like the large blocks. After days spent sewing 2" triangles, those biggie size ones are refreshing to look at.

  4. How fun to have some finishes after making all the tops!!

  5. I don't know how long you were gone, Claire, but what a lot of work to finish! I love the first quilt with it's pink roses plus the greens and pale yellows. Beautiful!
    Nancy from joy for grace