Monday, December 31, 2012

Kiwi Jam 12-31-12

It's Kind of odd that my last blog of the year should be about garden stuff instead of quilting but I had to make this batch of jam today or risk the fruit going bad.  And the story behind the kiwi's is one of my bigger garden accomplishments this year!  How you ask?  

 Well first off, once planted, Kiwi vines take a number of years to reach fruition. Secondly they are one of those funny flowering plants that have both male and female flowers on separate vines and you have to have both sexes growing in close proximity to ensure fruit!  So we planted 1 male plant between 2 females plants.  What a lucky vine!  Well a couple of years back ( before they started fruiting)  the male dies, I know go figure!  We had to plant a new male vine, delaying the fruiting action a few more years.  
This year we actually had enough fruit to make a batch of jam!  I always feel like I've really accomplished something when my garden produces enough of some fruit or veggie that I can can-it!
3lbs. of fruit made almost 9 cups of jam.  There are only 7 jars pictured because one was only half full and one jar broke in the processing.   I think the jar was cracked to start and I just did not see it. 
 I won't pass along the recipe 'cause it was too sweet, definetly got to back down on the sugar and it did not jell very well.  But ya gotta start somewhere!
      May your garden fruit 'aplenty and your jam always Jell!  
                         Happy New Year!  Claire W.


  1. How fun Claire!! What a pioneer! lol

  2. Kiwi is one of those majorly exoctic fruits. So exotic that you can't buy it by weight but always have to pay per piece here. My mom wants Kiwis for the garden too, but I'm voting for grapes, they just have less trouble with the freezing winters... do you ever puree (or mash or hmm ..) your fruits for the jam? Aren't those little seeds getting stuck everywhere when you eat it? like with raspberries?

    But yeah I know that satisfaction of eating something "from your own garden" - it just always tastes a little bit better, like the things you eat when you're away on holidays. And even if you are sometimes overwhelmed by the masses of tomatoes or apples (in your case maybe Kiwis) to take care of you wouldn't want to miss it.

    Happy New Year!