Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Challenges at the Fair

Besides the Black and White challenge (scroll down to see) There were a number of other Challenges 
( for complete details read here ).  One of the Challenges was put forward by our local Modern Quilter's group.  It was called "Improv With Solids".  I'm not sure I got them all but here's a broad sampling. (Again, I apologize for the lack of labeling I just did not have enough time)

The above quilt was my contribution.  

Well I did not really pay attention to the challenge criteria,  It said Modern and I thought my quilt looked pretty Modern so I checked off the Modern box.  But since I was doing this blog I figured I'd best go back and get the full scoop.  Thanks to cut 'n paste here they are...

*Improv piecing in this challenge does not employ the use of fusing or appliqué.
*No size restrictions apply
*Solids are defined as all-cotton and TRULY solid.
*Use of blenders, batiks, white on white, marbled or textured fabrics is not allowed.
*Most fabric companies make their own line of solids. Examples are Robert Kaufman Kona, Michael Miller Cotton Couture, Moda Bella, RJR cotton supreme just to name a few.
*Allowable exceptions are shot cottons by Kaffe Fassett and Robert Kaufman chambrays

Well I got 1.5 out of 5 (I'm not counting the 5th criteria 'cause it's not really a criteria)  But basically if I was giving myself a grade i'd have to be a big fat F on following instructions!  Oh well, I still like my quilt and it was completely improvised ( I will post some pix later) And I still think it looks pretty modern?!  cheers, Claire W.  


  1. I LOVE seeing all of these pics, they are all so gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing them!! :)

  2. well I really like yours! the alphabet one was great, what was on the bottom?
    actually I really liked a few of them, fun to see even though its not my style of quilt making thanks for sharing .

  3. Hmm I think I woudl "kick out" some of the quilts after reading the criteria

    No.2 - it's just not really improvising, my always on the hunt for patterns brain puts that in "nice and geometrical" - same goes for the New York beauty (also there weren't supposed to be any batics ..)

    Well mabye I just get the "improvising" part wrong.

    I guess you already kicked yourself out for the apliquee - I'ts really nice but well the rules are the rules - but I know that feelign you read the first part and see "aye I have an idea for that" and then you jumb ritgh into it - just to discover that that wasn't the whole truth - Like starting a cake because you have all the ingredients for the first paragrah, just to find out you are screwed because you didn't read the 2nd and you don't have any nuts .. Ohh and I know now what I don't like about appliquee - it's the pictural appliquee, your's is just sort of geometry, shapes and forms that produce a pattern

    The one after you get'S kicked too - that are prints - apart from that, I like the piecing but the quilting doesn't really fit

    I really like the last one, even though you could say it has a distinct pattern - but hey I just go for colours - No.1 is good too

    I think I don't ever want to be a judge - how on earth can you be objective?

    [hey maybe you should number them so I don't get confused counting and describing]

    Ehh just curious - do any of the quilt makers know about your blog? I don't want to step on any toes .. I just realised I'm not really holding back with my opinion (not that I'm an important quilt judge or so, but maybe not everyone likes knowing my opinion about what they did)

  4. The more I see of the modern quilts the more I like them!