Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More Faire Pix

There weren't a lot of what I would call real "Traditional" or "Reproduction" style quilts. But what few there were were really nice! 
The Trapunto on this was fantastic!

This one was hand quilted in the ditch all around!
 Each flower has an itty bitty yo yo in the center, very pretty!
Vintage butterfly blocks purchased then set , embroideried and hand quilted by the owner.
I think the quilter was very brave to use dark thread and the quilting looks fantastic!

 With all the blogs and websites that focus on Traditional Samplers and their relatives I found it interesting that our guild had few examples.  This one did mention Barbara Brackman's Civil War series.
Here's the back.
 I really like those commemerative panels. 
This was a vintage top that I hand quilted.  You can read more about that on my website.here

There were a lot of quilts with traditional blocks but using more contemporary layouts and fabrics.  I've got some pix of those too.  I will put them on a later post.  cheers, Claire W.

PS - Due to lack of time I did not make a lot of notes on makers and stories.  So I have uniformly left off all that kind of info. my apologies.


  1. I could tell that last one was an antique. How fun that you own it! Love the quilting Claire!!

  2. *Oh those flowers are beautiful - cheery
    *The butterflies - well good craftsmanship but not my colours at all.
    *Hey you finished the handquilting in time and on the pictures you can't sea any of the puckering-problems you had ..
    thanks for taking all those pictures!