Sunday, February 24, 2013

PVQA Quilt Fair Pics

This weekend was my local quilt guilds show.  I think we really did ourselves proud!  A lot of variety, interesting challenges and fine handycraft!  One of the challenges was a black and white challenge.  My first reaction was they all kind of blended together; but on my second visit to the show with my camera it revealed quite a different picture.

What do you think?  I'll post pix of other challenges later.  cheers, Claire W.


  1. I would lhave loved to see this in person, very interesting. I love graphic and bet this must have been.
    I have been wanting to make a black and white quilt for a while now
    thanks for sharing

  2. Hmm I think I need to scroll up again and have second look ..
    I really like those two solid samplers (that Iguess belong together with the one having white and the other having black as background fabric)
    The first one is really itneresstign too - with the stripey fabric used to look like stitching int he crazy squares.

    The quilt above the row quilt ( row quilt = the one with the + at the bottom and some houses) - hmm well I just like it - the circles in the put on point squares I don't knwo it loosens the edgyness of the whole pattern

    Don't worry I'm almost through with what I'm thinking - I'm thinking too much maybe ..

    The last ones thatI would pick out to think a bit more about is the woven one - not sure if it's striped fabric, or if the stripes are sewn together, but I really like the calmness of the pattern - there is not such a harsh contrast (though I admit the sampler ones work because of the harsh contrast).

    And the second one from the bottom - there is almost no true black and no true white in it - which makes it interessting, sort of all the shades in between

    It is a bit like leaving through those old quilting books with only balck and white drawings and pictures

    Oh yes - I'm not always thinking in a straight line, so the order might be a bit confusing - all the scrolling up and down didn't help much either.

    I really don't seem to like applique quilts .. hmm I need to investigate that ...

    1. Hey Leo,
      I really like the solid samplers too. I meant to ask their maker if that was a leader / ender thing or she just wanted to play with the positive and negative aspects of it all?!
      If memory serves the first one was just regular stripy piecing just cut and sashed wonky?!
      I like the circles in the square too. I think a circle in a square is just intentically interesting and the same goes for putting things on point!

      I'm not sure which one you mean re: the woven one?

      On Friday at set-up I hardly gave these quilts a second glance. (Probably more to my fatique than there appearance) But the more I look at them the more I like them. Another good arguement for lots of pictures. And with my new camera that was a real delight! cheers, CW

    2. I will have to add those samplers - well the concept anyway - to my "want to do" list.

      The woven one is the one directly above the samplers - and it just feels a lot calmer than the others, because it doesn't work that much with the contrast of black and white, but more with the fact that it's stripey.

      Looking forward to the other pictures--

  3. I can appreciate the work that went into them, but it doesn't make me want to start a black and white quilt right away. A talented group of quilters that's for sure!