Sunday, February 3, 2013

Used Quilt Books- Great Bargains

I went to my local used Book store the other day looking for a paper back novel or two and I always take a swing by the used crafts books when I'm there to see what bargains might be found.  To my great surprize this book practically lept of the book shelf and into my hands!  What a find!  This book was first published in 1996 by Henry Holt & Co. NY, NY.  It is a beautifully produced book, full of eye candy and historical info.  Here's a sampling:
front cover
back cover

Besides the surprize of finding the book... was the price! It was marked $5.00 US!  I'm not sure why...the cover was discolored and there was no book jacket but other wise it was in perfect condition!  I buy a lot of used books this way but they are usually not discounted THAT much.   
Well, I can't comment on the text yet, I have been to busy enjoying the pictures; but,  I'll let you know how it reads if I ever get past the eye candy! 
cheers, Claire W.


  1. what a great find! I have that book , a recent updated one and it was ALOT more money
    I normally buy used books too as i am always looking for books with antique quilts
    enjoy your new book!

  2. A book discounted that much is one that would be coming home with me too. Luck find! There's definitely eye candy, just from the few photos you shared. The inspiration we get from photos of antique quilts is worth every penny. Enjoy.

  3. Nice find, Claire! I haven't seen the book but now I hope my library has it so I can enjoy the eye candy, too. The quilts in the photos above are amazing.

  4. Used books are one of the greatest bargins around. So under valued. It would be coming home with me at even twice that price.