Saturday, March 23, 2013

2 for 1 - Update

Well back in January I declared that I would finish 2 UFOs for every 1 NEW project that I started.  Actually I've done better than that because I've been on a real 'finish'um up' kick!  Part of this was motivated by my local Guild's Faire at the end of Feb.  So here's what I finished for the show:
A small landscape that I started in a class in 1996!
The center of this quilt was begun in 2003!
This quilt was begun in 1997!
So you see with the 2 other quilts I finished in January That makes 5 finishes so theoretically I could start 2.5 new projects!  I confess I started one the other day but I'm thinking about making it a Mystery so I can't show you a picture.  
I will blog about some details on these quilts and more pending finishes in subsequent blogs. 
Happy Saturday!  Cheers, Claire W.


  1. Good for you for finishing up those quilts! Doesn't it feel good? They are all so nice.

  2. Way to kick UFO butt! Love the Lone Star. The dark tips really add emphasis, great work.

  3. Nice Claire! Is that star quilt THE star quilt that you were having a hard time moving forward with? it is gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful quilts. 15 years is quite a long term project. I want to know how you start half a project. That second quilt with the splat in the middle looks amazing. You have reminded me I have a little landscape of my garden that I should get out and finish. Great finishes Claire.

  5. I recognize that STAR quilt!!! It came out great!!! What are you going to take up to Sunriver, if you keep polishing off all these UFOs??

  6. All of them are wonderful finishes. You have much more 'stick-to-it-ness' than I do. I would not have saved anything unfinished after several years. Looking back I am sorry I did not save some things.
    blessings, jill