Friday, March 15, 2013

More Crumbs

If you are looking for the blog hop scroll one post down I will keep it open until tomorrowAM.  And if you are interested in scarves made of crumbs read on!

So here's another way to use those shreds and slivers.
Since these were all blue and white crumbs I thought I'd tried to attach them to a piece of white silk for a backing.  Since I had such great success with the Solvy?!
Sprinkled blue and white crumbs over the silk.
Sprayed it with spray starch, put acid free tissue over it, ironed it flat.

Pinned it all over with lots of pins and sewed parallel lines about 1" apart.
Removed the tissue
Rotate the scarf 90 degrees and sew more 1" grid lines
Looks like this on the silk side. 
Once it was all sewn, it was rinsed and thrown into the dryer to help the scraps "bloom" kind of the way you would wash and dry Chenille to bloom.
I like the thready edges but I think I will cut it in half lengthwise and edge it with blue satin ribbon.  It have a more finished look to it and I like long skinny scarves.

 cheers, CW


  1. Beautiful!! What a great idea to use a silk scarf as a backing - it would look great dip dyed too.

    1. oooh yes! I need to go get some more China silk! thanks for you comment. cheers, CW

  2. aww shoot - see I missed the give away (well not only yours .. all of them)

    You could sew the whole thing only on paper - that should dissolve in water. Maybe make a narrower grid in the center so you get a scarf that is a scarf but with "dissolving" edges.

    I will blame you know if I start keeping "crumbs" - I go with everything that's bigger than 1" square is worth keeping as scrap.

  3. Very interesting, Lots of ideas running through my head right now thanks for the inspiration!