Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bog Hop in Summary!

Congratulation to Susan of  and Francine of they are my winners in the Blog Hop!!! 

 I'd also like to say thanks to everyone who participated in the blog hop and all the people who visited my blog and left such nice comments! I try to visit your blogs / profiles and return the favor as much as possible.

Part of the fun of the blog hop for me is getting feed back here's a sampling:

I got several comments on other ways to use crumbs,

-several people mentioned they use crumbs to stuff things like pillows etc.
-several people mention using crumbs for notebook or album covers etc.
-Anna has a great tutorial dated Feb. 24th about how she made a Kindle cover with her crumbs, she also makes bracelets with crumbs!
I'm glad to see people are really using their crumbs! wooo hooo!

And in answer to my question about  'Tell me something about your quilt interests...'

Out of the 150 or so comments I received
- 50+ responses mentioned scrap quilts were their main focus
-13+ people liked to make Kids Quilts or small quilt
- 12 'Modern' quilters
- 11 who said they like to make 'All kinds of Quilts'
- 11 who like Traditional or Traditional patterns with modern fabric
- 7 Appliquers
- a bunch of people just said they really just like making things for family and friends, people they know will cherish their work!
- some people mention a specific block or pattern as their favorite such as log cabin, strips or strings, pinwheels etc.

It's always interesting to me to read what makes people tick and how they do what we do.  We are a very lucky and diverse group and the Bog Hop helps us celebrate that!  cheers, Claire W.

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  1. Congrat's to your winners. Interesting to read the summary of the comments. We quilters are certainly a varied group, all loving our fabrics and needles and thread, no matter how we use them.
    Have a "crumby" day (so to speak) -- I'm helping a daughter experiment with an artsy crumb project or two.