Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Parting Shots

We had about 400 quilts on display at the Faire this year.  That's not including all of the vendors display's!   My hat's off to the Quilt Faire committee!  Everything from Set-up to Programs to Take-down went very smoothly.  And we always have a small army of volunteers from our membership who make themselves available to help with any task!  To learn more about Pajaro Valley Quilt Association check out
Here are some more pix from the general exhibit.

The above quilt was made by one of our nationally known members, Rachel Clark.  She's probably more widely know for her artful patchwork garments.  But in this wallhanging she was exploring the issue of our Founding Fathers and their  inability to address / abolish / exclude Slavery from our land.

I did not get very good pix of the garments but here's one that came out.
(Again I apologize for the lack of labeling on these pictures.  I had only about 1 hour at the end of Sunday afternoon to run around and take photos.  If I'd stopped to take notes I would not have gotten very far with the picture taking.)
cheers, Claire W.


  1. Thanks for the photos. It's always nice to see what quilters are doing here and there.
    I often try to photograph the hanging tags/info cards on the quilts -- especially when I'm short on time and a show is about to close. I just can't write quickly enough (and my scribbles are usually hard to read when I'm hurrying).
    Thanks for the explanation re: the elegant house and the (?)coffins. I was curious about that one.

  2. Thanks for sharing all the photos of the quilts, Claire. What an amazing variety. Some were very appealing to me, some not so much, but I saw new ideas (to me) in all of them. I'm sure it would have been amazing to see them in person.