Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Glories of Spring

Spring has come early to the Central Coast of California.  Spring always gets me going in the garden and we have no shortage of Spring flowers which gets me to brush off my old florist skills and bring some flowers inside to enjoy!
I've always liked minimalist arrangements.  I call them pseudo- Ikebana arrangements.  Traditional Ikebana has alot of rules / guidelines that I don't follow but this style still capture that general idea.
I could not resist these rannuculus they look great in this beautiful china vase.
And here is my favorite wild flower; Toad Flax.  I cast their seed around my flower beds all Fall and Winter whenever rain is coming.  Then watch for their little seedlings so's I can nurture and transplant them all around the garden.
Here they are in the garden bed.  One packet (costs about $4.00) lasts all season and brings lots flowers, joy and satisfaction.
Well this is not exactly a Spring flower but I think you will find it interesting.  It's some kind of orchid.  A friend gave it to me for my birthday.  The buds are starting to open. Look at this!
They look like humming birds to me, my husband says they look like dragons.  What ever your imagination tells you I'm sure it includes the thought of what a wonder nature is to create such amazing structures?!
I hope however you celebrate Spring you have a wonderful time!
cheers, Claire W.


  1. Your flowers are so beautiful! What a green thumb you have!

  2. I thought they looked like acrobats hanging from a high wire. Love the flowers, can't wait for some colour around here.

  3. I love all your flowers. Your arrangements look beautiful.

  4. Wow, your arrangements are fantastic! Love the Toad Flax arrangement, and I am an Orchid lover - you may enjoy my orchid board

  5. Beautiful flowers and great arrangements, as always, Claire!!