Tuesday, April 2, 2013

More Processing

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I would show my process for the layout of "And Now For Something Completely Different".  So here 'tis... About 10 years ago I had about 15 minutes to put together a hand project to take on a long trip.  Yup, those are hand appliqued.  Measures about 35"square.  I know... What was I thinking?!  I can't remember!  But I thought what can I do to salvage all that ill spent handiwork?
Well for starters I thought I could put something in the middle to hide the fact that all the noodles come together all wonky!  That's not bad...how can I keep that idea going?
You know what they say, when you make a mistake repeat it!  Camouflage for an error!  Oooh that would make a good title!  So add more squiggle lines! 
Hmm,  adds movement, repeats the red center, OK what's next?  Maybe a new shape?! and then another, and repeat it a whole bunch!
Or maybe the dots look better closer in?
Or maybe in between... Now add some corners and more shapes.
Some how I could not make the outer corners work and as I was puzzling over that I tilted my head and thought maybe the center is what needs to be on point?!
I liked that better!  the long axis of the middle accentuates the outward motion,  If that makes sense?!
 I tried repeating the uniform dots and squares for the outer border but it wasn't working.  When I repeated the curvy shapes of the center I thought it added a lot of movement and interest to the border.
My husband said he did not like the yellow corner stones in the outer border so I tried repeating the green.
Then I tried aqua while considering the two greens for the outside.
I decided if I went with the limey green of the right side I could live with the yellow corner stones.  Sorry Dear.  
I glue sticked or steam 'a seamed all the shapes and machine zig zagged around all the shapes with a narrow stitch and matching thread.
So that got the top made, and what a revelation to just start playing around and come up with something completely outside my normal orbit!  And, I actually like the process and the product a lot!
I will show how I quilted it next time. 
Cheers, Claire W.


  1. Thanks for sharing the process, Claire--and your thoughts as you chose this rather than that, added something here, changed something there. VERY interesting.

  2. So much fun to just play around and see what you can make of it, and such a lively finished piece.

  3. Claire, you're an appliquer and you don't even know it!!!

  4. wow that turned out really pretty!

  5. beautiful Claire..sometimes the best designs come from inner inspiration....