Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Road Trip...Waa Hoooooo

We decided to visit our son and his wife in Indiana.  A quick visit to my mom in Berkeley and we were off like bats out of Hell.
Well not really,  but this was what my father use to always say sarcastically on Road Trips cause with 3 kids and a dog our progress was considerably slower!
Anyway we hoped on the I- 80 and away we drove.  It did not even occur to me to get out my camera until lunch time in, Winemucca, NE, 'cause the CA. terrain was so familiar.  But the 'Georgia O'keef' sky and 'rock formations inspired me to take some pix

We ended our first day of driving, having crossed the width of CA and NE in the little border town of Wendover Utah.  I would show you a pic but there's not much there but some casinos on the NE side. 
Next day crossing the Salt Flats West of Salt Lake City.  I think the Salt Flats create a kind of primatic effect to create the illustion that the mountains appear to float above the plain.  Very cool! 
Mountains just East of Salt Lake City.  Spring has Sprung! 
But there is still alot of Snow in the Mountains a little more East across the border in Wyoming.
We took a little detour to the Flaming Gorge Reservoir. Altitude 6100 Ft. The gorge is fed by the Green River.  We passed through the cute little town of Green River where I spied a Quilt Store but I could not cajole DH into stopping!
How do trees manage to grow like that!!! 
DH really delights in trying to scare the #&*%&  out of me!
Spring was very much in evidence at this higher altitude! 

And of course I have to include a picture of the Dam 
There were lots of Factoids on a sign at this vista but the only one I remember is that the Dam took 7 Million Cubic Yards of concrete to build!
Next stop somewhere in Nebraska!
cheers, Claire W.


  1. Claire the pictures are spectacular. I am so jealous. I hope you and Jimmy are having a great time. Maybe you should do some more of the driving, especially if there's a quilt shop nearby. Of course, it's not like you need any more fabric, right??? But you did put away all your Market purchases so I say go for it. Safe trip!! Love,

  2. I loooove these pictures! How beautiful! I will definitely bookmark this post in our travel map, for a future trip. And want a picture of my DH on that rock :-) !

  3. Thanks for taking me along!
    The landscape looks so unreal - not like anything I've ever seen. It's kind of a mixture between the alps, southern Italy and the Alb and a good portion of science fiction novels.
    It's still raining here - the temperatures barely climb over 10°C - last weekend we had frost over night and the "snow line" went down to 600m - I have never heard warnings of icey roads and sure as hell no "snow line" announcement at the end of May. I'm supposed to be able to walk barefoot, enjoy strawberries and complain about forgetting the sunblocker - and not worry about gloves and hats and rain coats...
    Enjoy your trip - I'm looking forward to the next set of pictures. Taht "flying mountain" looks amazing.

  4. Beautiful pictures! There's nothing like a road trip. You are inspiring wonderlust, my dear ~

  5. wow what an adventure you are on
    isn't the landscape just amazing.
    thanks for sharing...I agree with Randy do the driving around the quilt shop towns!