Friday, June 14, 2013

Back on the road- 3.5 sights in one day!

Well we had a nice visit with our son and his wife in Indiana and we were back on the road to California on Tues.  We stopped in Galena, Ill. that night, very cute and Historic town!  And then we moved onto the Bad lands in S. Dakota.  Wow, what a place!
It goes on like this for miles and miles.  I thought with a name like badlands it would be as dry as the desert.  But they've had so much rain this spring the flat parts of the park are lush with grasses and wild flowers.  I gather when it turns hot this will all dry up and live up to its desolate name!
The prairie dogs were out in force this morning and did not seemed be bothered by our presence at all.  I understand from the nature center info. that the P. Dogs are a very important part of the park ecology.  But I have to say if they were burrowing in my yard I would set the cats upon them!
Next stop was Mount Rushmore.  So photographed it is a part of Pop culture but up close it is incredibly impressive!
Next stop was Custer State Park where we took a nice 'Nature drive' around the park and spy- ed these beasts! 
Then it was onto to Devils Tower in NE Wyoming.  Another one of those iconic sites really worth seeing up close and personal.
And as we moved on down the road to the next motel we were rewarded with another fabulous sight!
Next stop...Yellowstone!  Yahoo!  
Cheers, Claire


  1. Great pictures, what a wonderful trip!

  2. I'll be seeing some of the same icons in September! I'll let you know if it's brown and dry in the badlands. Looks beautiful in spring!

  3. DH and I saw those same sites many years ago on our drive from Iowa to Montana. You definitely photographed some USA icons--Mt Rushmore, the buffalo, and Devil's Tower. Thanks for sharing, and safe traveling !

  4. Amazing pictures - thanks for showing them. You make me want to go travelling!

  5. GREAT pictures. I thought Mt. Rushmore was absolutely amazing. Can't wait to hear how you like Yellowstone. When will you be back? I miss you!!

  6. I got your other card too - hehe yeah a hundred years are like yesterday for houses in Europe. But it looks like a beautiful town.

    And I'm sure everything looked more beautiful in real than it does on the pictures.