Monday, June 10, 2013

Chicago Decorative Art's Part 2

Chicago is full of scenic walks.  The other day we decided to walk down along the lake North to the Navy Pier.  Navy Pier is a wonderful historic site that has been turned into a major tourist area with shops, restaurants, amusement park, theater, conference rooms and The Stained Glass Museum!  This last attraction was a complete surprise to us and one of the best tourist values with Free Admission!
Most of these windows were saved / salvaged from buildings that were either being torn down or renovated in and around the Chicago area.  It's hard to understand 1970's sensibilites that would demolish buildings with such gorgeous decorations?!  But aesthetics do ebb and flow along with the $$$  that it takes to maintain them.
Once again these decorative pieces lead me to thinking about how to adapted them to quilt designs...

These two window's were made by the Tiffany studio.  The museum has quite an extensive collection of Tiffany windows. 

I think this layout might make a great modern quilt design. 
This window was designed by Frank Loyd Wright.  Another heavy hitter in the design worl of Chicago!  I have seen several Wright window patterns translated into quilt work.
cheers, CW


  1. I can see a medalon quilt in the second picture. What a great find to discover these beauties.

  2. You found another treasure I never knew existed. The Navy Pier is fun to check out; but a stained glass museum? Isn't the walk along the lake just beautiful?? Glad you were able to explore Chicago and come to love it as we do!

  3. Beautiful. I like the first ones that aren't the heavy hitter designers:)

  4. Gorgeous! Are the ladies of the seasons designs Mucha drawings interpreted by Tiffany, or by some other stained glass artist? I love the next three in the sequence. Can you imagine how beautiful those windows would have been with light streaming through them? Even if they're not in their original buildings, at least they were salvaged and still available for viewing. Thanks for sharing, Claire.

  5. those geometric ones look good to me - but the pictural ones - I'm not so much a fan of them they are a bit hmm kitsch ... but I like some of the glass borders aroudn them.

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