Thursday, June 6, 2013

Chicago's Decorative Arts Part 1

Well, I've learned a lot about Chicago's decorative arts this week and been amazed and awestruck by it all!  And there is no shortage of inspiration for quilters.  Our first stop was the Cultural Center located in the old downtown library.  The interior is decorated to the max with tiles and stained glass, it is a veritable gold mine of patterns and ideas. Here's a sampling:
These medallion tile designs were all over the main entry, stairwell, walls and main 2nd floor rooms.

Many of these pictures were taken in this room.  When this was still the library this was the reference room.  At the top of this dome is this stained glass work by Louis Comfort Tiffany.  It is the largest domed window that he ever designed!

This design seems like it might be possible to translate into an applique project?!
But this one not so much!  lol. Still they are so beautiful and to think the city threatened to raise this building in the mid 70's!  Fortunately it was saved and currently serves a variety of civic needs.
cheers, Claire W.


  1. Wow! Beautiful. I love the color combinations. I nearly always think green and blue are beautiful together. It would have been so sad for this building and all its beauty to have been demolished. Thanks for taking photos and sharing them, Clair.

  2. wow that's a cool Library ... I would have liked to work there ... ok maybe not, there woudl ahve been too many distractions. But yeah I know that "through a quilter's eye" view on the world, every gemetric shape or curly pattern turns into a center or a border or a whole quilt. floor tiles, mosaics, wrought iron gates .... but well I haven't dared appliquee yet I will wait hmm just a little longer ... now I'm curious for part 2

  3. You could easily whip up the last one as a pieced block! lol


  4. You're now an expert appliquer so I'd expect that Tiffany center in your next quilt! I've never been to this building so thanks for sharing it.