Monday, June 3, 2013


The second show at the International Quilt Studies Museum features vintage pictures of people with quilts, either as background or posing with their quilts. Mostly, the quilts in the pictures were lost to history but the museum provided examples of  similar types of quilts from their collection.
A Red Cross quilt next to a picture of girls with their red cross quilt. You might recall the old fundraising technique of selling signatures for a dime.  Eash girl pictured below was obligated to sell 10 signature and embroider them into a block.

The photo on the right shows a similar quilt in the background to the quilt on the left.

This quilt was made by a lady who worked in the alterations department of a large store in Lincoln Nebraska.  The Lady entered her quilt in a contest and won and so a photo of  her and the quilt were published in the news.  It is a wonderful quilt made more special by the story and photo!  

I thought this was a really neat example of a 'cheater' print.  At first glance it fooled me.  It took a closer look to see that every part of the print had been quilted around to give it more dimension!
We have now traveled from Nebraska to Chicago and yesterday we went to the Museum of Chicago History; and what should I see but this very cool photo of women busy sewing and quilting!  I think I could get into this vintage- quilt - photo colleting thing!  Oi, not another collection! Well at least this one does not take up to much space!
cheers, Claire W.


  1. Fascinating history surrounding the quilts. The quilt group look like serious sewers.

  2. wow thanks for sharing

  3. I love seeing pictures of quilts with people! Glad you got to the Chicago History Museum, too. I love that area...Lincoln Park. Hope you got to explore around there, too.

  4. And look at that tredle machine, terrific.