Sunday, October 6, 2013

So, what makes a UFO anyway?!

I know some people who won't start a new project until they have finished the one that they are currently working on. (there aren't many but I DO actually know a few!).  I know a few people who only  work on a handful projects and finish one or more before starting another.  And then there are the rest of us,who start all kinds of projects;  finish some, work on a bunch at the same time, put some on hold (for an undetermined amount of time) and go onto the next and even abandon some altogether. So what constitutes a UFO?
 Well I guess that answer is a little different for every body...For me it usually means I have gone beyond the fabric collecting stage and started to cut and sew.  But what about orphan blocks?!  This little quilt was started with a bunch of orphan blocks that had been sitting in a basket for Quite sometime but they were not blocks of my making. Once I adopted them did they become MY UFO?!  Oh well,  The satisfaction I had in finishing this little quilt was at least as great as if they were some long lost blocks of mine.  It is a humble little quilt made for charity and I am happy to have rescued those blocks from oblivion!
So I'm sayin' another UFO done!
Cheers, CW


  1. Yahoo! And congrats to you for a job well done. It's very cute! And, I will say, done is good. For a moment there, I thought I might be seeing some friendship star blocks. I still have mine and they are in a quilt yet.

  2. I know which kind of quilter I am....lots of projects undone and still more getting started all the time! Love the star blocks. I don't recognize them... so atleast I don't think they are my orphan blocks!! And most of us have the friendship blocks waiting to be put together!

  3. I qualify everything I haven't worked on for hmm a week or so as UFO ... because by then it will have slipped my mind and I stop thinking about placements and best ways to chain piece and start having to look at the pattern again or have to figure out what I wanted to do ...
    So sometimes that's then just a test block + lot's of cuttings (I started to put those things in bags so they will stay together) ... sometimes it's hmmm an almost finished quilttop ...
    Some blocks (from swaps) I just don't like enough to make something with (I hope admitting that isn't a "no go" in the quilt world) ....