Friday, October 25, 2013

AF-UFO's = almost finished UFO's

I'm really trying to push myself to finish some of my Almost Finished UFOs.  You know the tops that just need one more border or that last row of blocks sewn on... but, you can't find the Right fabric or the you ran out of the fabric and so now what?!  #%@*?!  I've got quite a lot of those kind of UFOs!

Awhile back I was making a bunch of samples for a new class I call Beautiful Bars (see description and more samples here ).  I ran into a few of those border issues on a couple of them.  While cleaning / organizing one of my storage cupboards I found some more sashing fabric for this quilt.  Problem #1 solved!
The design idea behind these bar quilts is to pick striped / banded fabric prints that can be cut selvages to selvage.  When sashed they create their own 'blocks'.  It creates a nice pattern on what is otherwise a very simple quilt.  This vintage banded fabric by Jo Morton for Andover is a great choice for such a project.  This quilt is about 54" x 68" if not for the lack of sashing fabric I would have finished it in a jiffy! 
The center is made from strips cut selvage to selvage and the border is cut on the straight of the grain.  

This quilt was lacking border fabric too but a thorough search of my stash came up with zip.   Both these quilts will make nice charitable quilts but I did not want to go shopping to correct their problems, so on this one I just had to punt and get over it! 
I'm waiting for my 40% off coupon from Beverlies to come in the mail so I can go buy a big supply of batting.  When I get that I will finish my info. post on my quilt frame.  
Cheers, Claire W.


  1. Lovely fabric to use in a quilt Claire!!

  2. Oh I'm so with you on the batting front ... I put finishing quilts on halt because I first need to get more batting - I need what is left for swap things and tiny things ... so I'm all about finishing tops and starting new tops ...
    That bar cutting - I will have to remember that if I ever need a really quick quilt ...