Monday, October 28, 2013

A Few Little Holiday Finishes

I've been using the same cardboard jack o' lantern for my front door Halloween decoration for a lot of years.  So this year I got out a little scrap bag of Halloween fabrics and made a few Door decorations, so's I could retire that poor tired jack o' lantern.
I made this one to replace Jack.  That scrap with the cute witch with the green and orange poka dot sweater was the inspiration for this one.  

This one is for my 20 year old college son.  The skulls and cross bones reminded me of his High School punky days. (don't ask)

This one is for my daughter who is living the sophisticated  City Life in San Fransisco but she dained to hang this silly decoration on her Apt. door!  I love the grouchy witches in the red strip.

After all that Halloween decorating I figured I'd round things off by quilting this top that I finished last Halloween!

I just love those happy monsters and the color scheme of this fabric line!

I used a plush blanket for the backing.  The quilting looks so cool on the back and it is so soft and cuddly! I'm sending this quilt to my older son who lives in Indiana.
I pretty much used up all my Halloween scraps (admittedly,it was a small baggy) and I finished a UFO top!  I'm doing pretty well with my promise;  'finish two for every one started' to help combat my UFO-itis.  I think I'm up to 22 finishes with only 8 starts!  
Happy Halloween everyone!
cheers, CW


  1. Oh m the doorangers are great ... though I'm a little anti-Halloween here, no need to copy everything from the US

    Hmm High School Punk Mysteries and we aren't allowed to ask ...

  2. Your small baggy sure went a long way, and all your family members made out with some great "Treats"! Happy Halloween.

  3. hmmm... a quilt as a door decoration. I like that!
    Nice quilting on the snuggly one.