Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bias Quilters- get together

Back in August I blogged about a reunion with my old quilt group. (read about it here )  Happily, everybody had such a good time that we scheduled another meeting which met yesterday.   Most of our group celebrates Hanukkah and since Hanukkah is Really early this year (Starts Nov.27th) and I wasn't sure when we'd be getting together again,  I got a jump on my holiday gift giving. This was partly inspired by  Randy D.  who recently gave me a big bundle of Hanukkah fabric!

 Randy knows how much I love making holiday themed things and it is very pretty fabric but 6 yards of Hanukkah fabric goes a long way.  I'm not likely to ever make a Hanukkah themed bed quilt for which I might need 6 yards of backing?!  But I thought I might make a dent in it with matching "group" aprons.  I've made a total of 7 aprons from said fabric and there's still more!   Maybe I will make some booty bags...
 I love making Holiday gifts.  People really appreciate handmade things and I love working with all sorts of holiday fabric!   Holiday aprons make a wonderful gift and they don't take to much time.  I will post some of my time saving techniques on Nov.21st when I will be participating in the Quilt Gallery's Blog Hop.  'Til then, Happy Holiday sewing!  cheers, CW


  1. What a great idea. DH insisted that we get the Hanukkah fabric we saw in Fancy Gap and been wracking my brain with what to make.

  2. Great picture. So sorry I missed it.