Thursday, January 16, 2014

100th Blog - Giveaway

Well, it only took me about a year and a half but I've finely come to my 100th blog!  And my new grand baby is here visiting so I thought I'd celebrate by giving some fabric treats away!

1- charm packet of 6" patches, 2x15 bright colored for a total of 30 patches from Free Spirit.

2- I've been working with the same basket of Xmas fabric for a while now and I think it's time I shipped it off to someone with a fresh perspective.  There's more than a yard of the angel fabric (on rt) and a  lot of patches, fat 1/8ths and some FQs.  Xmas fabric for next years homemade gifts could be yours soon!

3- charm packet, 1/4 of strips & 1 yard of the plaid on the right all home spuns from Jubilee fabrics.

All you have to do is visit my home page where all of my 100 blogs are displayed in little picture tiles. Pick one that you like and leave a comment and tell me why you like that particular post. You don't have to ponder this assignment to long just something that you like and why.  I will leave this post open until Feb 25th and then pick 3 names. I will ship overseas.

Oh, and I did mention that my granddaughter is here visiting (she did bring her parents).  Well Of course I had to make her a few quilty goodies to keep her snug while visiting...

I lined this basket to make a bassinet for her to sleep in.
I quilted a nice message into the liner. 
I made Arielle a quilt before she was born.  It was kind of gender neutral but I decided to make her something more 'girly'. 
I quilted it with 'hanging diamonds pattern.  It's a really good sturdy-simple all over pattern.
And you can never have to many receiving blankets... 
I love that Dick and Jane fabric line!
I hope you are all having a wonderful New Year!  We are certainly enjoying having our kids here and we do seriously miss the rain here on the central coast but the weather is gorgeous.  It appears there is a high pressure zone that has settled over the West coast that is keeping the rain away.  This could be the worst draught year in memory!!!


  1. What fun to go back and re-read posts, there were lots I learned from and tons of inspiration. Going to pick "More Medalion Quilt Ideas" for my fav, it really uncomplicated them for me. While I haven't made one yet, that could be because I have 12 WIP on the go now and don't dare start another.

  2. Congratulations on your 100th post! I picked the July 13th post, more scrappy ideas and leftovers. The design caught my eye and I am on a scrappy quilt kick with the desire to make a strip quilt this year. That post was both of those things in one! Enjoy your grandbaby time.

  3. I just loved the PVQA Quilt Fair Pics' post- I love black&white projects!
    Many thanks for this great giveaway!

  4. hmmm I picked one with one of my favourite quilts - "light or dark border" there's not really anything special about it, I just like it. Though I might have to ponder that choice a little longer because I really loved the one about the buttons ... I remember spending hours sroting and re-sorting my mum's buttons and now I have a collection of my own in a button-tin-box, and sometimes I like to sew buttons on tops as a kind of ornament if they are plain and boring ... But you asked to pick one, which is really not fair ...

    Enjoy your time with the little Lady!

  5. Home Spun Fun from Dec 28 was a great blog post for me. I learned to sew to make clothing, and that involved learning to match directional fabrics. So my inclination is to do the same with quilting! Your somewhat wonky squares using those home spun strips look awesome! Very freeing for me! Thanks.

  6. I love the one where you show your garden veggies, and quilty stuff.

  7. Thanks a zillion for the gorgeous giveaway!!! Wishing you loads and loads of happy hours sharing your lovely blog with your avid followers.

    Hugs from warm Malaysia

  8. I like the challenges at the fair. That quilt pictured on the front just calls to me. It is so freaking beautiful!

  9. I picked Sept 22 - "Almost a Quilt". I just liked the image and I know I'd like a quilt that looked like that. Congrats on your 100th blog post!