Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Quilts for Kids

I make quilts to donate to cancer patience at the City of Hope.  Usually I make them for adult patients.  My reasoning was that the kids probably already have 'blankeys' but the adults probably don't.  But I got to thinking about the kids who are stuck in the hospital for treatment at Christmas time and what a drag that must be on top of being really sick so I made a some Christmas quilts for some of those kids.
These are pretty small 36" x 42".  I kept the construction really simple so I could make more.  I did not use batting just nice soft flannel backing so they could be quick-turned and then there's no binding and the quilting could be really basic. They wash and dry real easy too. 
 Just a little something to cuddle and delight the eye. 

                                           I just love this snow man fabric,  It is so playful!
These Holiday fabrics are so much fun to work with and I used up a lot of the large pieces left over from my apron projects!
I hope these little quilts bring some fun and comfort to those kids who receive them.
Happy Holidays! CW


  1. Claire, they are adorable. I'm happy to donate fabric to your charity quilt projects! Next time we're together!

  2. How thoughtful and sweet of you, Claire. I feel guilty now cuz I haven't made a charity quilt in a really long time ~