Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sew Day, Yeah!!!

Randy is coming over today and we are going to sew, Yipee!  It has been soooo long since we've gotten to do that.  I don't think of myself as a terribly busy person but ever since my return from vacation at the end on March I feel like I have been running on a treadmill  that is going just a little tooooo fast!  I know just what I want to work on today!
Something bright and cheery but not to complicated so I can concentrate on catching up with Randy rather than fussy sewing!  I started this project when I was in Indiana a couple of weeks ago visiting my son and his family. 
 I had bought them a used Bernina 930 online, ostensibly so that they would have a sewing machine... (but really; so I'd have something to sew with when I came to visit, tee hee)!
Randy is in the know about sewing machine shopping online.  She knew I was looking for a 930 'cause she has one in Sunriver that I use when we have our retreats there I've told her many times what a great machine it is.  So when she sent me the link to this machine I checked it out right away. It was a really good deal and I'm so glad I got it 'cause it sews like a dream!  Thanks to Randy and thanks to Angelia (the previous owner)!
I hope you have a 'sewing play date' in the near future!!
cheers, Claire W. 


  1. Claire, thanks for having me over. It was great fun and it's always so fabulous getting together and seeing your creations! I love your new machine, too! They are great. I still think you need one for your house in California.

  2. Sewing with friends is sew much fun. Have a good time.

  3. That are some really cheery bright colours there - and if the two fabrics sneaking in the picture at the left are supposed to be candidates for the border I wouldn't go with either of them ... ohh and with the dark purple - is there some dark red or a dark blue planned in?
    And - are you goign to make sure the same centers are not goign to be placed right next to each other in the final lay-out? Like the purple and orange one in the second row from the left with the wavey centre

    (I had a discussion with my mum about my quilts and realised she never really did ask curious questions about why I did a certain one the way I did it - but then I realised I don't do that to others either, but questioning is the only way to get answers ... aye so hope you don't mind me quizzing you on the plans)

    Now you have one less reason for hand sewing - you will have to make sure to do a lot of car travels to get your hand stitching done.

  4. Love your top so far! It is so bright and cheerful and happy!! Hope you have a great day sewing with your friend!

  5. Randy sewing at your sewing at Randy's. Friends. Life is good