Monday, April 14, 2014

Visiting With The Napa Valley Quilters

I had a wonderful weekend visiting with the Napa Valley quilters!  I presented my Trunk Show "Confessions of an Eclectic Quilter" on Sat. morning at their general meeting.  They were a great audience and I always find it interesting to see how other guilds run there meetings and see their Show and Tell.
One of the big treats for me was my accommodations!  My host's house was situated in the middle of vineyard!  (Well we are talking Napa CA here!)
This gorgeous Valley Oak was right off the back porch and beyond that...nothing but grapevines practically to the horizon!

 On  Sunday I taught my Scrap Strategies class.  We arrived at the classroom space to find out we had been preempted by another group!  But one student offered her home and so we all bundled back into our cars and drove on over to Krista's house.
 Quick as you please Krista had a bank of folding tables on her enclosed back porch and between that and her dinning room table, voila'  work space for 20!  Things were a bit snug but there was not a moan or groan amongst the students! We had a great time and everybody did a good bit of sewing before the day was through!  I was really impressed with their work and their attitudes!
 I'd go back to visit the Napa Valley Quilters any time!  For those around the Bay Area their show is September 27 & 28 2014.  They have a gorgeous opportunity quilt here's the link  to their website. Check it out!!

Parting shots...
I went into town before class on Sunday to get a cup of espresso and walk around the old part of Napa.  I happen upon this bug...I'm no CSI but I think it's been parked there awhile...
Happy Spring!  
Cheers, Claire W.


  1. What a glorious view and picture perfect way to spend the weekend. I just love when there is a rally spirit with quilters, sounds like a great bunch.

  2. Wow, Claire! It looks like a great place to stay. So nice everyone was so pleasant about the move. Not too many people could host a class of 20 in their home!

  3. What a great view!!! Glad you were the teacher as you are the perfect person to be so flexible!

  4. Sounds like the guild members were a quickly accommodating group--imagine moving a class from one place to another so quickly. I checked out the Napa Valley Guild website. Wonderful opportunity quilt, interesting challenge quilts, and fun to see the show-and-tell quilts.
    As a baby boomer, I have a love for vintage Bugs. Such a sweet resting place for it.

  5. love the views of the Napa Valley, what a wonderful place to spend a weekend. And how lucky there was someone ready to jump in with a place big enough to hold everyone