Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Baby Quilt for my Niece

Well I'm back from Africa!  We had a great trip and saw lots of cool animals and stuff...but I managed to  leave the cable that communicates between my camera and computer someplace in Africa.  Fortunately it was close to the end of my trip so no pix missed;  but, I can't download the pix 'til I get a new cable.
Well,  I did manage finish a little baby quilt for my niece and her soon to be born baby boy since I've been back, so I thought I'd share a few pix of that.

I love this Riley Blake kids fabric.  Robots, rockets and one eyed aliens in wonderful bright colors! 
and this cute flannel for the back!
I love making baby quilts, the fabrics are so much fun and they're small so they don't take to long to make!
Do you have a favorite kid quilt pattern?
cheers, Claire W.


  1. Claire, can you take the memory chip out of your camera and put it into a slot on your computer, or printer? My cable has never worked, so I'm forced to do it that way. Not as easy, but it works.

    Cute baby quilt! My favorite is the double sided flannel blankie, no quilting involved!

  2. Ohh that's a nice cheerful baby quilt .. and I really like the mixture of fabrics - not the usual blue for boys colour scheme.
    Ohh and welcome back!

  3. Very sweet Claire. I'd love to see some pics from Africa. So Glad your trip was wonderful.