Tuesday, September 30, 2014

On to the Cotswolds

We've been tramping around the Cotswolds for the past couple of days.  Here are some highlights.
Rolling Right Stones 
These stones pre-date Stonehenge (about 3000BC)!
Country side in the Cotswolds.
Thatched cottage in Chipping Campden.
Hidcote Gardens.
the 'swimming pool' at Hidcote. It's very pretty but I don't think it was really used as a swimming pool, it's pretty mucky.

The 'red' garden at Hidcote

'Heart of England Way' foot path near Mickleton.
The countryside here is really beautiful and the people are really friendly and helpful where ever we go!  I feel really fortunate to have this opportunity to visit this part of the world.
Happy Tues!
cheers, CW


  1. I looked forward to the day i would visit Sue when she lived in the Cotswold. It is beautiful! Now it will need to be a day trip since she has moved.

  2. beautiful, wow. How lucky you are to be there.
    thanks for sharing the pictures with us.
    that cottage is just so beautiful what I have always imagined reading so many books with thatched roof cottages. the gardens just must have been incredible to walk thru…

  3. So refreshing to see all the green. Looks lovely and am glad that the people you met were so friendly.