Saturday, October 18, 2014

Crazy Old Quilts

I purchased this quilt top at my local guild's last Quilt Fair last Feb.  It's in really good shape and nicely embroidered around each scrape!

There are some great 'excentric' shaped scraps in it.  You can almost figure out the garment pieces that they were leftover from?!
Almost as interesting as the front is the foundation fabric used for the back.

I bought this top quite a number of years ago at a local Antique shop.  I thought the color scheme was kind of different from other string quilts.  Mostly blue and grey...alot of 'utility' fabrics.

And foundation fabrics very similar to the first quilt!  And look how frugal (and perhaps poor) the maker was, even picking out the pleats and gathers to make the most of their fabric!

When I was a kid my mom had a rag bag filled with old dresses and aprons etc.  Now days most of our family's clothes are given away before they are worn out and those that are really worn out are often synthetic and they don't make very good rags, except for the cotton T shirts? 
I wonder where the cotton industry would be without us quilters?
Have a great weekend!
cheers, CW


  1. two great quilts, thanks for sharing the backs too, we can learn so much from them.
    I loved that she took out the pleats, wow. that grey and blue quilt speaks to me, wonder if she made it for a boy/man (even with that one piece of bright pink in there! which just makes me smile) I have seen many utility quilts that you could tell they were trying to be "creative" or making the quilt pretty even though they were using what that had/scraps. Those speak to me even more . As a controlled scrappy quilt maker I can relate to them, understand?
    thanks for sharing great buys.

  2. That red fabric must have been a great skirt or dress ... I do wish they would still make dresses and skirts from cotton ...
    I usually cut up my old stuff for cleaning rags ... but maybe I should turn them into quilt blocks ...