Wednesday, October 8, 2014

American Museum in Britain

Our last day in the UK we visited the American Museum in Britain.  I knew the Museum had a collection of vintage quilts from the US but I was pleasantly surprized to find they were having a special retrospective exhibit of Kaffe Fassett's work!  Here's a little sampling. 
I vaguely knew that Kaffe Fassett started his adventure in textiles in the knitting and wool depsrtment but I had never really seen any examples.  The above piece is all knit! 
Aren't these colors great?! 
I like the simple quilting around the motifs in the prints.  It serves to quilt everything moreless evenly while complimenting the printed fabric! 
There were lots of examples of his needlepoint, isn't this pattern fantastic! 
His knitting is amazing too! 
The quilt patterns are (for the most part) not to complicated but it's all about color, color, color! 
I think he must have a pretty good sense of humor too... A sweater for a lamp post ?!
After our visit in the Special Exhibit Hall we went over to the Manor House where all the permanent American exhibits are,
Here's a quick tour of some of the museum's vintage quilt collection! 

Here are a couple more of Kaffe's quilts hanging in the stairwell of the Manor house. 
I thought this was a rather funny juxtiposition of the British Revolutionary War Officer's portrait next to Kaffe's quilts!
OK, now I'm really done posting pix of my vacation.  I could go on and on, we saw so many terrific sights,  I probably took over 1000 pictures!  You've got to love Digital cameras!

But it's time to move on, back home now, lots of catch-up to do and I have so many new ideas for quilting projects inspired by all the wonderful things I've seen!
Cheers, CW


  1. Welcome home! I have enjoyed your lovely posts, and what a great finale!

  2. Wonderful photos - I really enjoyed looking at these! thanks for posting :)

  3. lovie....thank you for sharing! I sincerely miss you....d

  4. Loved seeing these photos! The outside lamp is hilarious!